The Best Zombie Mod In Gaming Now Has A Wicked-Cool Cinematic Trailer

Hopefully you've been following along with the saga of DayZ, Dean Hall's amazing, brutal Arma II mod that adds zombies to the already intense and realistic open-ended shooter.

In case you haven't played it yet and are curious, you can now watch an extended, gritty-as-hell trailer that effectively scratches the surface of just what makes DayZ such an unforgettable experience.

Created by Tim van Kan, the trailer cuts together game footage from a number of great DayZ YouTube channels with audio from the Walking Dead TV show. Awesome.


    I've been enjoying DayZ quite a bit lately. Great atmosphere and overall a very interesting experiment. The most unfortunate thing is many have picked it up with the wrong attitude, and while its valid to play however you want, I've been really disappointed by the "deathmatch" sensibility that has reared its head in the population centres (known as Cherno and Elektro). Since there is very little to do once geared up the guys with decent guns/camo gravitate to murdering other players as the only challenge left.

    I have challenged myself with just living as long as possible while eventually getting up a decent kit, once this is done, I am not sure what I'll do?

      You echo my thoughts exactly, I avoid Elekto and Cherno for the same reasons, even when I have decent gear, because you can pretty much guarantee there's a sniper watching you.
      Short term goals are basically: get out of start locations, acquire gear/supplies, don't get killed.
      Playing with a group of people you can trust greatly enhances the game play experience.
      A long term objective we have set ourselves is to get a vehicle. We did manage to find one at some stage, but it was low on fuel, we managed to hide for a little while while we trekked out to get fuel but it appears someone found it before we could get back.
      As fun as I'm finding the game, I'm thinking it will grow stale eventually as there really is nothing to do except survive, which I guess is the idea.

        We have notions of finding vehicles and getting a little base going somewhere but we can't compete with the clan types who basically rape the spawns with Helicopters and eventually nab all the obvious vehicles and gear.
        I'll be looking forward to seeing what happens as the mechanics evolve, Rocket has some good notions going forward and the right attitude to experimenting with them.

    So... Hell is other people.


      I've been on it for a while now and a standard run usually goes like this.

      The standard feel is that the North is safer then the south. Everyone spawns on the beach, everyones desperate for kit and there is no adequate way to interact other then the general chat. There is also no real incentive not to shoot other people for their kit.

      The problem is, once you head north, the games harder. In the south there's a 50/50 chance anyone you see will shoot you. In the north, its damn near a 100%. The bandits are more organised. The survivors are more paranoid. The gear is better. The stakes are higher.

      For a while I was a nice guy. Now my SOP is "If I can get the jump on them, do it. If I cant, either bail or stalk until I can".

      We haven't come across a working chopper as yet, just a downed one which had a pair of M240s :)

        That was meant to reply to AJB.

    Even when you aren't geared up there's not much to do. If you don't have the weapons to go up against a lot I've found myself playing the hunter/gather/hermit role and avoiding people. That's pretty boring. Fighting people is annoying because I'm very rarely looking for a fight, and playing with others always ends up with them stirring up commotion instead of being quiet. If I can go into several towns with no issue why is it that going into 1 town with other people always ends with me dying? It's a lot easier to play on my own and head off somewhere away from the coast and kill loners if I can quietly away from zombies.

    Best game i've played in years and it's a mod. I just wish more players stopped playing Bean Wars on the coast and go in-land.

    I had the client open for three hours. 20min of that NOT spent wrangling with authentication/shit server issues was spent running around in the dark, in the rain, bandaging up after encounters with zombies I couldn't see or hear that were able to run through walls and teleported if shot at. Both times, after being done bandaging, I got shot by a random.

    Oddly enough, I'm still vaguely interested. Now that I put it down in black and white, I suddenly see an analogue to some old relationship issues.

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