The Difference Between Boys And Girls, As Explained By TV Programs

As a thirtysomething man in a Dragon Ball Z kame shirt with two young sons currently watching Dragon Ball Z Kai, I gotta say that this comparison is not only incorrect, but also absurd.

7 Years Old [loldaddy]



    I would be watching the boys one probably no matter then gender.

    Should the 21 year old be My Little Pony, I mean thats the thing these days right?

    Anybody notice nothing but the age of the characters increased for the girls shows?

    14 years down the track and they are still not off Namek yet. They must be watching that on cartoon network, infamous for repeating the Namek saga for just a little too long

    Dragonball? No thanks... Replace it with a real cartoon from my childhood thanks! Which have no been sadly bastardised by CGI =(

      Dexters Lab, Widget the world watcher, captain planet, simpsons, loony toons, aladdin, samurai pizza cats, twins of destiny (if you go back a little further)

        Astro Boy, Gatchaman, Voltron, Transformers, Ulysses 31, Cities of Gold, Pawpaw Bears, Snorks, Thundercats, HeMan, Shera, Flash Gordon and the Defenders of the Earth, Gummi Bears, Denver: The Last Dinosaur and a bajillion other 80's cartoons.

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