The First Official LEGO Haunted House Arrives In September, And It Is Glorious

There has never been an official LEGO Haunted House before? That grievous oversight gets fixed this September with a $US179.99 addition to the new LEGO Monster Hunters line. Behold its majesty

Packed with more than 2,000 pieces including six ghastly minifigs, the "Haunted House" set is so massive (and expensive) it'll only be available for order through LEGO's online store, home of the most elaborate pre-designed LEGO creations.

I've seen plenty of custom LEGO haunted houses over the years, and this one puts most of them to shame. Check out the specs:

LEGO Monster Fighters, Haunted House

SRP $US179.99

Ages 14+, 2,064 pieces

  • Features unique ‘crooked' design featuring boarded up windows and working front gate.
  • First floor features fireplace that swings open and displays a ship in a bottle on the mantle.
  • Cook up a ghoulish meal with the Zombie chef in the kitchen complete with old-style stove, jars and table.
  • Write letters from the Vampyre's haunted office.
  • Pull the lever hidden in the chimney to release the drop down staircase and access the top floor.
  • Top floor features gramophone, records and newspaper LEGO elements.
  • Customize the Haunted House with new stickers for wall hangings, spider webs and curtains.
  • Measures 15.4" (39cm) high, 9.4" (24cm) wide and 7.5" (19cm) deep

If I were you I'd start saving up now.


    Only thing that came close to this when i was a kid was the medieval castle with the witch if memory serves me. This is great.

    oh god....

    I've not seen a lego kit like this for years.

    resisting urge to spend money.... urge rising...

    haha i like the heads on top of the columns

    Would prefer if it was part of the modular line, but it is still brilliant. Too bad it'll be probably $250 AUD.

    Too bad for my wallet.

      Also, I'll probably turn mine into Wayne Manor. BECAUSE AWESOME.

    I'm totally buying this... for my son, of course ;-)

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