The Inner Workings Of The New Metal Gear Solid Rising: Revengeance Team

I love Platinum Games. I played Bayonetta and God of War III back-to-back and thought Bayonetta absolutely destroyed its far more hyped competitor. I also love the way the team is dedicated to quality above all else. If you feel the way I do about Platinum Games, and even if you don't, this short behind the scenes documentary about the inner workings of the studio is absolutely a must watch.

There's some pretty fascinating footage of the studio's latest project, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, in addition to some pretty insightful interviews about the design philosophy of the team. Interesting stuff.

A quick bit of advice — to get subtitles, click the 'cc' button on the bottom right hand side of the video.



    I really didnt get the love for Bayonetta. Finished the game, thought the start was cool and quirky but by the end it was excruciatingly repetitive and mind numbing. Even the music sounded like it was the same track over and over.
    Same with Madworld, except couldnt finish that due to not enjoying it.

    Heard great things about Vanquish though. Hoping they pull it off with MGR as I love Metal Gear

      I actually didn't finish bayonetta, it just got too repetitive for me, some of the design choices were really strange too (even for bayonetta!) like that weird motorbike level that was pointless and just plain bad. I'm not sure I agree with having lots of items in the shop waaaaaaay overpriced so as to get people to do multiple play throughs either.

    Great video. I wish more developers would make shorts like these.

    You haven't played a fighting game until you've played Bayonetta on Non Stop Infinite Climax mode.

    That video was almost romantic.

    Bayonetta is one of the worst games of all time, God of War III absolutely destroys it and is easily one of the best games of all time.

    How can anyone say that Bayonetta destroyed God of War III... In what world is that vile mess of a game even half as amazing as GoW3? Some people have really horrendous taste.

      Easily like this. Bayonetta destroyed God of War 3 and the whole series. God of War is a boring peace of crap. Bayonetta has a hundreds of combos, better weapons, and it's more challenging with tons of unlockables. God of War 3 is just stale in comparison. I mean look at this

      You can't do any thing remotely as cool in God of War.

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