The Last Of Us And The Rest Of The Game Critics Award Winners Of E3 2012

Who won E3 2012? Judging from the results of the Game Critics Awards Best of E3 2012, Sony takes tops honours. Naughty Dog's The Last of Us scored five wins, but I'm more impressed by the tiny triumphs of Sound Shapes and Unfinished Swan.

An epic cinematic experience that isn't a sequel to anything, The Last of Us was a shoe-in for Best of Show, Best Original Game, Best Console Game and Best Action/Adventure. Toss in a special commendation for sound, and that's five wins for the survival horror revival. Sound Shapes' Best Handheld/Mobile Game and Unfinished Swan's Best Downloadable Game bring Sony's total up to seven.

In comparison, Microsoft scored four wins: two each for Halo 4 and Dance Central 3, while Nintendo garnered only one award: Best Hardware/Peripheral for the Wii U.

And what of the most exciting new title of the show, Ubisoft's Watch Dogs? Though it wasn't playable and therefore not eligible for most awards, it did manage to grab special commendations for innovation and graphics, the latter shared by LucasArts' Star Wars 1313.

Hit up the link below for the full list of this year's big winners. Did they miss anything?

2012 Winners [Game Critics Awards]


    this and watch dogs were both amazing hard to choose

      Not really, no one has actually played Watch Dogs... it could be absolute shite for all we know.

    Just watched The Last of Us gameplay footage from E3. Looked nice....and then the combat scenario began and I was very impressed. So damn fluid and tense!

    The Last of Us looks like something a bit different, so I can't wait to pick it up :)

    What exactly do they mean by "Best original game"?
    From the literal meaning I don't think The last of Us is original.
    It looks like a sweet game... but original?

      It's not a sequal I am sure is what they mean

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