The Latest [email protected] Product Offers (Virtual) Conversations With Virtual Idols

The Latest Idolm@ster Product Offers (Virtual) Conversations With Virtual Idols

The [email protected] series is renowned for its cute virtual idols and ability to suck money out of fans’ wallets with pricey DLC and slot machine-like tactics. Next up: snack wafers that let you make phone calls to your favourite virtual idols.

The [email protected] Wafers 2 are small, plain, rectangular chocolate sandwich wafer snacks, but the real motivator for people to get them, and more importantly spend money on them are the special cards included in each package. Each snack comes with one of 42 different cards and a special serial number. People can use the serial numbers to sign up at a designated website. They are then assigned one of the idols (at random) and are shown that idol’s schedule for the day. They can then phone their assigned idol at any time for one day. Apparently voice-recognition software is used so that people can hold virtual conversations with their assigned idols. The conversations will vary depending on the idol’s schedule and the time the call is made.

This is not the first time that developers at Namco Bandai have had characters from The [email protected] reach out to the real world. The original arcade game included a feature that allowed players to register their email addresses with the game so they could receive emails from the idols they were training. (And also apparently led to people to essentially be summoned by their virtual idols to arcades to play the game.) The use of voice-recognition software is an intriguing new touch, however, and fans are already flocking to reserve boxes of snacks.

The Namco Bandai website is taking reservations for the snacks in boxes of 20 for ¥2100 ($26), not including the phone bill. There’s no price yet for individual packages, which will most likely be sold at convenience stores and designated Namco Bandai shops. The [email protected] Wafers 2 are currently scheduled for release in July, and the interactive phone feature will be available until the end of November. I’m tempted to get some just to test the limits of this voice-recognition software…

(For those who are wondering, the first The [email protected] Wafers included codes that only allowed people to download voice samples.)

アイドルマスターウエハース2(20個入) [プレミアムバンダイ]

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