The Many Throat-Stabbings Of E3 2012

E3 2012 wasn't just a banner year for bows and helicopters, it was also quite the year for throat-trauma. From Splinter Cell to Resident Evil to Far Cry 3, game after game featured resplendent, flinch-inducing throat violence.

Chris pulled together some gifs for you, in case you're you're into this sort of thing, or in case you want to get a sense of just how violent E3 2012 got.

Brace for impact:

Assassin's Creed III

Connor wings out a redcoat's throat with a single swipe of his tomahawk. Throat-Trauma Rating: 6

Far Cry 3 Part 1

Nothing says "tropical island resort" like a machete to the neck. Throat-Trauma Rating: 4

Far Cry 3 Part 2

Hey, this looks like the same guy as before! What does Jason Brody have against dudes in red turbans and sunglasses? Sheesh. Throat-Trauma Rating: 3

The Last Of Us

This is the only one that doesn't involve stabbing. But my word, that looks trachea-crushingly intense! Throat-Trauma Rating: 5

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Whoo boy, the high-frequency blade is a nasty piece of work. Also a nasty piece of work? This sequence from the game. Yeesh. Bonus points for psychological damage. Throat-Trauma Rating: 10

Resident Evil 6

Yeah, it's a zombie, so it's "not quite as troubling" as the others. Still though... dagger into the skull. Dang. Throat-Trauma Rating: 5

Splinter Cell: Blacklist

My goodness. Sam Fisher takes down an enemy in most brutal fashion. Ag. Throat-Trauma Rating: 9

Tomb Raider

Lara Croft isn't content to let the guys have all the fun, so she also stabs a dude hard in the neck. I heard that this game was where she had to kill someone for the first time. Considering that, she's pretty awesome at it! Throat-Trauma Rating: 7


Let's end on another zombie one, and a nifty one at that; this comes from ZombiU's debut trailer, which doesn't show gameplay but does show some wicked zombie-action. Throat-Trauma Rating: 6


    Oh goody. Another thing for us to get all sensitive about.

      He has got a point, I find that 1st person, eye gouging, throat cutting, face stabbing stuff to be a bit much when it's covering the screen.

    God dammit I am do sick of women being under-represented in games. In not one of those gifs does a woman have her throat torn out. It's sexist and quite frankly, derogatory.

      They tried putting them in without the nun and BDSM outfits, and it didn't turn out so well so they decided to take them out altogether.

        I guess its not PC to stab a dominatrix nun in the face.

    MGR:R one is certainly the most painful to watch.

    Mudcakez i agree it induces that "phantom pain" phenomen

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