The Mind Behind Far Cry 2 Leaves LucasArts Without Shipping A Single Game

The Mind Behind Far Cry 2 Leaves LucasArts Without Shipping A Single Game

A sprawling Boba Fett action/stealth game. A Jedi adventure full of edgy moral relativism. Disturbing explorations of Jabba the Hutt’s sex trafficking. These were the kinds of experiences folks were expecting Clint Hocking to create when he announced his move to LucasArts two years ago. But Hocking is leaving the development studio with no game bearing his imprint having been published by LucasArts.

A brief announcement on his personal blog reads as follows:

Yup, that’s right, you heard it here first. Unless you heard it somewhere else first.

I recently left my job at LucasArts and am moving on to something new. Unlike last time, (and mercifully less wordy) I already have something lined up and I am currently in the process of dealing with the living hell of relocation.

I will let the world know where I am going once I get there. Unless you already know.

Hocking came to the House of Star Wars from Ubisoft, where he worked on the first three critically acclaimed Splinter Cell games. Hocking also served as lead designer on Far Cry 2, the first-person cult classic revered for its open, emergent design. Hocking is also respected for his views on video games as a medium, after writing a column in Edge Magazine for many years.

It’ll be interesting to see where he winds up next and what kinds of games he’s able to make there.


  • I wonder why. Maybe some bureaucratic nonsense got in the way and he wasn’t given the chance?
    I know how that feels.

    • Perhaps he got tired of making half a game at Lucas Arts and then having to scrap it like say… Battlefront 3?

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