The Most Delicious Hardware Is Deep Fried Hardware

Can't get enough food porn? Want more gadget porn? Well then, munch on this.

This is "Deep Fried Gadgets", a series of photos by photographer Henry Hargreaves.

The series was inspired by Japanese kids who fried a PSP — and then ate it. Hargreaves, however, didn't fry the actual devices, but rather, made foam models and fried those. The photographer told website Cool Hunting, "I was nervous about what would happen when I put them in 400 degree oil — were these things going to kick back at me?"

Hargreaves' goal was to create something that was both mouthwatering and utterly disgusting. Said the photographer, "You get the device, you're excited about it, you consume it, and then you disregard it."

Henry Hargreaves [Official Site via Cool Hunting]


    I tried not to jump on the "B.Ashcraft" bandwagon, but this does not even classify as an article, let alone a bad one.

      this. i dont go on kotaku much these days, but the last two times i have, i have found atrociously horrible pieces of text.
      this isnt an article. it's barely even game related. i dont know who brian ashcraft is, as im not really regular here anymore, so im not jumping on any bandwagon. im just speaking out my opinion

        Lifehacker and Gizmodo have had more interesting articles lately... used to be the other way round.

    Wait..someone deep fried a psp and ate it? Did they die?

    Uh what the..

    How 'bout some more pre-E3 news...

      What he said!

    Did anyone honestly find these 'mouthwatering' :O

    Ugh what crap. If your going to deep fry gadgets use actual gadgets not foam/ fry them for longer than 1 second. No one cares about fried 20c pieces of painted foam.

    Didn't even post the video of that guy eating a psp! TO SHAME!!

      Nor did we see anyone eat any off this fake looking hardware. I had my hopes up you know.

    How about articles about... you know... video games? How about articles instead of... uh... whatever the heck this is. Kotaku, fire Ascraft. Fire Plunkett. These awful articles are beyond an eyesore. Don't forget how perverted Ashcraft can be. Call me when you get more writers that don't suck. Good day, sir.

    Everything about this article is fucking stupid.


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