The Most Profitable Final Fantasy Game Is The One Players Are Still Paying For

In case anyone was wondering how 10-year-old Final Fantasy XI scored a brand new expansion pack while you're still waiting for a Final Fantasy VII remake, consider which one makes Square Enix the most money.

According to a picture-filled account of this weekend's Vana Fest 2012 event at Famitsu (translated by Andriasang), Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada heralded Final Fantasy XI as the most profitable of all past Final Fantasy games. With a large number of Xbox 360 and PC players forking over monthly subscriptions for more than a decade now, it's easy to see why.

Perhaps one day Wada will take the stage and say the same thing about Final Fantasy XIV.


FFXI』10周年記念イベント"A DECADE OF FINAL FANTASY XI VANA★FEST2012"が開催! パシフィコ横浜に冒険者が大集合 [Famitsu via Adriasang]


    I heard this game was good, but never checked it out.

    I do believe they will sort out 14 one day and it will last 10 yrs as well.

      methinks the sorting out itself could take 10 years. XI was good fun once you understood that it wasn't an easy game to get into. Its class system was complex as was its combat but you needed to feel at home with grinding...curse you valkrum dunes

    I have been a fan of the Final Fantasy Series since the beginning. I have all versions of all FF games except the FFXI. Sorry will not buy an online game now or in the future. If I have to pay each month to play then I will not purchase that game.

    I always find it interesting that all these big MMOs get released that are all as easy as WoW but they all flounder while the ones that take a lot more dedication to get anywhere are still around and (comparitively) thriving.

    I loved it when I played. Unfortunately, starting now I found is nigh impossible. You cannot progress in the game past lv10 unless you are a beast master without a party to fight with and most people I find are end game now. You will be lucky to find 1 person to play with and that's not enough at all. Also the hate management system is a bit broken. BUt I did love me some white mage and summoner class action. <3 Fond memories. I may pick up FFXIV again if it ever comes out on ps3 though, it's way better than it was. Though I find myself wishing they would introduce summoner again, or it just doesn't feel right to me.

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