The Naval Battles In Assassin's Creed III Are Epic And Salty

As Ubisoft pointed out, the American Revolution was not just fought on land. It was also fought on sea.

Assassin's Creed III recreated the costal waters of the 18th century and designed an in-game weather system that can turn pleasant sea weather into anything but.

Assassin's Creed 3 Naval Warfare Gameplay [YouTube]


    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.


      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

        Yeeeeah... it is a =little= disturbing/disappointing that the ships seem to 'drive'. Like cars. Watch the final part, as they get ready to board and see the ship just stop on a dime before anyone throws any grappling hooks. They should have long overshot the mark. The only thing I could think of, watching the ship navigate, was, "That ship maneuverability technology would be really handy even in today's world."

      Bet come review time all the journalists waxing lyrically over this will all pan it.

    Well that was best of show so far for me. Something new that has never been done before in videogames. Still can't believe Disney cancelled the Pirates of the Caribbean game.

    Everything else I've seen so many times before (cover-based, cinematic action games).

    Looks Great! Good to break up the constant 'stab-stab'
    Still haven't been able to enjoy an Assassin's Creed game yet and not because I don't think the concept is awesome, the gameplay and character motion just feels incredibly clunky and the character models incredibly hollow. Could be something to do with the engine or something to do with the non-weighty canned animation....or both.

    Hoping this third game changes that.

    The more I see of this game the more it seems like Empire: Total War fought from the ground.

    Fucking phenomenal. Take my goddamned money.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      That's a pretty amazing reaction. Sounds painful.

      you must be pretty skilled to type with bleeding eyes. May i suggest a tissue sir?

      That would make a good album cover.

    Digitial eyelash rendering doesnt fix a game designed around piloting a charector using chopsticks,.

    Makes me want a AAA pirate game


      I was literally thinking this the day before that footage was shown! An open world (similar to just cause 2 except a lot more water) where you can explore the seven seas and it's islands, look for treasure, take over islands, build an army etc. You could start with just your character and a small boat and slowly amass an evil legion of no good pirates and ships and customise each one. Something like the system in godfather 2 would be good, where you could go about your business on the ground (or sea) but still be able to send out your scurvy dogs to defend your strongholds elsewhere.

      Also how amazing would it be to have naval battles like this, but instead of controlling just one ship, you could control an entire FLEET of ships!?!

    Ugh why, oh fucking why must every game set in during the revolution force us to kill red coats all the time. I seriously hope we get to kill equal amounts of both red coats AND minutemen in this game

      I have a theory that the reason they only show red coats being culled is because there is some major plot element they dont want to spoil. (But I may be wrong and its just a marketing thing.)

      Don't worry, that has been asked several times, and the answer is; "The enemy is the templars, and there are tremplars on both sides, so Connor is not going to side wit anyone in the war."

      pretty sure i remember reading in a preview that connor will be assassinating people on both sides.

    I just... I suck at their platforming. So, awesome though this game looks...I'll never be able to finish it.

    I own all of the assassin creed games and have not been able to finish one of them. They are beautiful, but the plat-forming and repetitive play always grinds me. I also kinda wish they ditched the past future/present thing as well. Just be a freaking assassin in whatever time period. This game looks awesome, and I love the time period (and I agree that the ship scene does make me want a really good pirate game) I just hope I can play through it this time.

    Yoho Sebastian.


    Nothing says climactic event like a spontaneous storm

    Not sure why my post was deleted, just voicing my opinion. Worse language is used on this site on a regular basis.
    Looks way to arcadey and scripted for my taste.

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