The Newest Tales Game Is Looking Gorgeous

Here are some new official screenshots for upcoming Japanese roleplaying game Tales of Xillia 2, which will be released for PS3 in Japan later this year.

Now since we still haven't even seen the first Tales of Xillia here in the US, I have no idea if or when this will ever make it here. But hey, at least we can look at these screenshots and pray. Or send begging letters to Namco Bandai. Whichever. [Andriasang]


    Need more Tales in Australia

      Tales of Graces releases here at the end of August. I wouldn't expect an announcement of anything new until that's out.

    Can we get the first one in Aus?

    The boat-house lake one is the best looking - no suprise, it's hardly cell-shaded.

    Well hey, it must be a Japanese game. The male protagonist looks like someone who annoys me and the female protagonist looks like she has no soul.

    NO SALE!

    I'll wait for the "full version" re-release w/ all the characters and Hi-Ougis, summons, whatever they drop from the "1st Edition"

    Lookin' pretty nice so far, but still suffering from the classic case of anime lighting syndrome.

    I wonder if that's how the antialiasing will hold up while it's playing in real time?

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