The Next Diablo III Patch Does Some Balancing

Apparently there is a new Diablo patch incoming. Apparently it does some stuff that Diablo fans asked for. Like balancing and stuff. Man I wish I played Diablo. It would probably make writing about Diablo so much easier.

Alright here are some of the details, from the Battlenet blog itself, just because if I try and paraphrase I'll most likely mess it up.

We’re shifting to a philosophy where the best items in the game can drop from many different places, so a wider variety of play styles are viable. If you would rather chain-pull elite packs in Act I than 3 minute cat-and-mouse in Act IV, we'd like you to be able to do that and know you can still find the best items in the game.

The team are also working on balancing out the Inferno difficulty level, just to make the experience feel a little more smooth.

If you are interested in more specifics, we highly recommend heading to the Battlenet blog post, which provides a lot more detail.

Patch 1.0.3 Design Preview [Battlenet]


    " If you would rather chain-pull elite packs in Act I than 3 minute cat-and-mouse in Act IV, we’d like you to be able to do that and know you can still find the best items in the game."

    My Barbarians soul hangs a little lighter this day

    What we want: Offline Single Player
    What we get: bunch of other crap

      Are you still complaining about offline mode?

        do you know how impossible it is to play hardcore inferno when you've got lag? singleplayer offline will solve that.

          I've got the exact same issue. And I coudln't play for 6 hours yesterday because the servers went down. Online mode is shit, it's pathetic DRM that punishes the consumer.

            I wish people would stop whinging about the servers going down. I enjoy diablo as much as the next person but don't feel the need to complain when the servers are down. Do you really have nothing other than diablo to keep you occupied?

              Apparently not. How is that relevant though. They should be able to play the game as convenient. Its a fairly minimal standard to meet.

              Usually when I go to play after doing other things for most of the week the server just happens to be down. I'm pretty sure my schedule should dictate when I play the games I bought, not Blizzards.

              If people never complain nothing ever gets fixed.

              With your statement, do you want to say that it is ok for a company dictate when I am allowed to use their product that I've purchased? Like getting in your car and it wont start, ups, Holden is updating its airbag software >(
              Additionally, I would not mind so much but the lag at higher difficulty settings is becoming a real problem!

                woo hoo , inevitable car analogy!!!!!
                Seriously though ... I agree, Loved D2 back in the day, but D3 misses the mark, lag,, hacking, server downtime ect, D2 was more simplistic and was better for it.
                I have pretty much stopped playing D3 just not worth the issues, enjoying Torchlight though and looking forward to it's sequel.

      You can keep asking for it, but Blizzard will never deliver... Why, because the game is built around a client server system, similar to WoW... You will never get an offline mode unless Blizzard either re-write their entire game, or allow to install a local instance of their server software.

      I heard blizzard have already made two offline versions you can play, one was released in 1996 and the other in 2000 =)

    Why don't you play Diablo Mark? It's so repetiti.... fun!

    But in all seriousness the issues I've been having with the game at 60 are only partly addressed in this patch. Sounds like they're making the game more repeatable but not more playable. Didn't everyone get over grinding 6 years ago during WOW's 3rd...4th....5th expansion?

      Grinding is great for people who don't want to develop skill in order to do well at a game.
      Rather than having to learn how to do something well (player skill), you can instead invest time into making your character outright more powerful (avatar skill).

      If you want the feeling of triumph over adversity that comes with beating a difficult challenge, but are rarely in the mindset to want to focus on things like timing or strategy, then grinding presents a way where you can instead mindlessly perform a task to get good enough to win, and when presented properly, enjoy yourself while doing so.

      I personally prefer play skill based games, but as a designer, its interesting to know why avatar-skill games are as successful as they are.

        Unfortunately this is so true. I don't know, a part of me wants every game to be similar to Shadow of the Collosus, where unique application of skill yields success. Getting better's great but actually -feeling- great is something else.

        I don't like that Grinding has become just the means to an end; it makes success seem inevitable and just a function of invested time. Gone are the days when getting to 120 stars in mario was a legitimate, skill based achievement that you could brag about to your friends.

        Now all of my friends have 14million gold, can farm siegebreaker without breaking a sweat, crack 120k dps in their stats, but what's the point? Anyone can do that now.

        Why are avatar skill games so good?

    liking the gem changes, because it is just not worth keeping any gems below flawless square, as you are more likely to find another flawless square before you find the ingredients to make one, which makes the first 6 levels of jeweler almost useless (the only use for it is to eventually get the ability to make things above flawless square).

      Yep, cannot wait for this update... will make the cost of upscaling my lower gems much better (Haven't done it since I found out the pricing would get a nerf)... this pricing is far superior than what I expected, like what, 95% off and reduced gem count.

        I also haven't upgraded a gem since the first announcement... but I'd still love to receive a refund on all the gems that I did upgrade! MAKE IT SO!!!

    "We’re removing the bonus monster damage per additional player in a coop game."
    This has broken the game for me. I very much enjoyed co-op in Hell being brutal. I haven't played co-op in Inferno yet, perhaps that's what brought on the change (which is annoying since they've said in the past that only about 2% of players have unlocked Inferno).
    I find solo play (apart from a few specific combinations of elites) to be fairly easy with the occasional challenge. If co-op play gets nerfed it will be WAY too easy.

      The issue is that in inferno quite often you can get killed in 2 seconds and when in coop you can quite easily be insta-gibbed. Kiting classes don't feel it as bad but on my Barbarian it makes me not want to play with my friends due to always instantly dieing to mobs with vortex.

      This strikes me as a change that would only be necessary on inferno I cant see why they would do it on the lower difficulties.

        Something that's key here is the enrage timers that monsters have. They've reduced the damage that monsters do; something that Barbs couldn't do was tank in 2 player or three player games without spending a bucketload of gold on items that were from future acts. Barbarians with gear form act 3 and 4 were the only ones that could survive co-op act 2. That doesn't seem right to me.

        Now, monsters will do less damage, it means that gear (does not scale with monsters) can still tank the monsters that DID scale with players. Why play with friends if it makes the game twice as hard for the gear that can only handle 1x difficulty?

        I don't understand nerfing earlier difficulty levels; except for casual players who just play with friends sometimes, as this is what will keep bringing new people into the game. If you make it easier to play with friends, more of your friends might play it, or you might encourage some to come back that have quit due to it being too hard to play together.

        Yeah "Normal" really needed that change ;)

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