The Next Tomb Raider Journeys Into Uncharted Territory

Tomb Raider's reboot will offer its first downloadable content extension to the Xbox 360 as a timed exclusive, the game's developer said on the stage of Microsoft's E3 news conference. A long gameplay sequence from late in the game also was shown.

Breathtaking action is the obvious goal here, as we saw Lara Croft thin out a gang of machine gun-packing thugs using a bow, flaming arrows and one well-timed shotgun blast to a stack of barrels. She then went over a waterfall, survived a trip through its rapids (featuring some bullet-time reactions to clear obstacles), wound up in a downed aeroplane and survived another plunge — barely — by getting a parachute out in time.

The game will be out March 2013.


    It's shaping up to be pretty awesome. I just pray it isn't too "quick-timey".

    Frame rate is really bad in this video and the audio is really quiet...

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