The Old-School Nintendo Stars Of Captain Rainbow

Captain Rainbow is a Wii adventure game centering on a Power Ranger-style superhero who has come to Mimin Island looking for a magical star that will be able to reignite his popularity.

However, he's not the only person who's come to this island in search of a second chance. Everyone else on the island is either a forgotten classic NES character or Skip Ltd. Nintendo character. But to get your wish of becoming popular, first you need to help everyone else get theirs. The way to do this? Win their friendship.

But who exactly are these characters and where do they come from. Let's take a look at them character by character to find out.


Birdo, originally an egg-shooting boss from Super Mario Bros. 2, is probably the most well-known character in the game as she's long been part of the extended Mario cast — appearing in everything from Mario Kart to Mario Party. In Captain Rainbow, Birdo has been arrested for entering a women's restroom — since the police officer believes she is a man. To free her from jail, you must find something in her house that proves she's a girl. (Hint: It's a vibrator).


Mappo is the robotic police officer in the Japan-only GameCube game GiFTPiA. In Captain Rainbow he is a well-meaning but often bumbling officer. He is the one who has arrested Birdo and locked her up. To become his friend, all you need to do is recharge his battery when it runs out.


Tao is the household dog in Chibi Robo and a supporting character in GiFTPiA. He is a normal dog, so all you have to do to please him is give him a bone — or a giant ichthyosaur skull, as the case may be.

Little Mac

Former boxing champ Little Mac of Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! has become grossly overweight but wants to get back into fighting shape. Sadly Doc Louis is not on the island, so it falls to you to help Mac lose weight through a motion-controlled music mini-game.


Hikari is the main love interest in Captain Rainbow. Originally, she is from the NES title Shin Onigashima where she was an eight-year-old girl born from a sparkling bamboo tree. Now much older, she finds herself the guardian of Mimin Island and its bunny-like inhabitants.


Ossan is the player-controlled character from the NES game Golf, so it's a surprise that he's so terrible at it in Captain Rainbow. Portrayed as a smelly middle-aged man, he spends most of his time scratching his balls — literally. He keeps all his golf balls stuffed down his overalls and they itch. To befriend him, you need to not only find his lost golf club but then help him get good at golf as well.


Lip is the main character from the puzzle game Panel de Pon. Sadly she was cut from the game when it was released internationally as Tetris Attack. In Captain Rainbow, she is suffering from hay fever which is causing all of her magic to go wrong. So she needs your help finding some medicine. Her most precious possession is a giant piranha plant living in her yard.


A lot a has changed for Tracy since The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. She's gone from managing a spa to sitting on a throne and eating Pocky. Moreover, her hair has changed colour and her "assets" have... um... grown considerably. But the best thing about Tracy is that above her throne are the pictures of the two men she feels are worthy of her: Link and Mario. To befriend her, you must find her a man who's a little more available.


Takamaru is from The Mysterious Murasame Castle, a Zelda-like, top-down adventure game made for the Famicom Disk System (a floppy drive peripheral for the NES in Japan). In Captain Rainbow, he is trying to overcome his one weakness: giant breasts — Tracy's giant breasts, to be precise. He's gone so far as to find a rock formation that closely resembles them — which he has turned into a holy shrine where he goes to meditate. To become his friend, you must help him overcome his breast fixation (and the explosive nosebleeds they cause).

Famicom Wars Soldiers

The soldiers from the Famicom Wars series (better known as Advance Wars in the West) have been through countless battles over their fifteen games. But in Captain Rainbow they seem to be done with war. Now they're off to conquer the world... of professional volleyball. To help them out, you need to master all three of their volleyball mini-games.

Drake Redcrest

An action figure in Chibi Robo, Drake Redcrest is now an actual space hero in Captain Rainbow. Having crashed on Mimin Island, becoming his friend is as easy as retrieving the core to his ship. Sadly though, it's already been found... by the Devil!

The Devil

While he may be called "The Devil", this minion-commanding lord of hell seems to be more of a trickster than anything else. Abusing plants and throwing a pie in someone's face is about as far as he'll go. Taking a break from his role in the Pac-Man-esque NES game Devil World, he's hoping to get his wish to become the greatest devil in hell. To win his friendship, all you need to do is help him out as he pulls pranks on the island's other inhabitants.


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