'The Painting Obama Fears' Creator No Longer Selling Assassin's Creed-Inspired Masterwork


    He did this like the same day the first article went up.

    I like the total apologetic bs he sprouted, he infringes copyright just by using it.

    People do this all the time. Its common in the art community. Even traditional oil paintings have turned out to be blatant traces of other works. It's shit, but these fakes are found out eventually.
    I'd rather one of my paintings be flawed in composition, anatomy, perspective etc, than resort to tracing or stealing someone elses work.

      Funny that you say that because to my completely professional eye, (read: no idea what I'm talking about), the stolen pic has a strange perspective of his head. His head looks HUGE! It's like they forgot a human is under all that armour, it looks like the head is the right size if that body armour was painted on his flesh. ;)

        Hahahaha that's the first thing I noticed too

    Andrew Breitbart was a piece of shit given human form, with 0 integrity and made a life by riling up ultra-right-wing nutjobs with smear campaigns and FUD. This guy is responsible for the closure of beneficial government programs like ACORN and firings of selfless public servants so his death is no skin off my back, and while I don't celebrate human life, the world is better without him.

    It absolutely sickens me that shameless profiteers put this creep on a pedestal to paint idolatrous (not to mention artistically bankrupt) pieces of garbage like this. The Tea Party is rotten to the core and my neck hurts just by looking at that.

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