The People Behind Final Fantasy Are Making A Card Battle Game

Here's a look at Guardian Cross, an upcoming Square Enix-published mobile game by some of the development team behind multiple Final Fantasy games.

If you like cards and battling and battling with cards, you might just want to look into this one! It'll be out in coming months.


    Hmm. It's not weird for an adult to play with cards... Right? If I knew anyone else interested, I might be able to get into this.

      So long as it's not a children's card game that can somehow destroy the world, you're fine.

        "I have defeated you in a children's card game.... MIND CRUSH!"

    Argh, why won't they just bring out and updated iOS version of triple triad or tetra master?! It's too much trouble to boot up my old FF saves just to find worthy card opponents; but I loved TT with a passion!

      tetra master could be awesome

    As long as it has multilayer i'm in

    So, how long till we get some AR card games?

    The mechanics of this game look really similar to those of Rage of Bahamut, another japanese mobile card game: Go on quests to collect cards, create a deck that exploits their effects and interactions and battle other people with those decks in automated battles; it can get quite addictive, especially since you have ways of enhancing and evolving individual cards which apparently this one doesn't allow. This one has snazzier FX but RoB has more beautiful graphics, I think. Another "pro": RoB is already available worldwide for both iOS and android.

    If you get into it, you'll be given a chance to enter a referral code. Enter mine and you'll get a free Rare and a bunch of the game currency to kickstart your campaign :) Ref code: cgy77055

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