The Richest People In Japan's Games Industry May Surprise You...

Forbes recently published a list of Japan's richest men and women and, over at NeoGaf, Yottamol managed to spot the games industry folks in said list. You'll be surprised by who tops the list.

Coming in at number 39 in the list is Yasuhiro Fukushima, one of the founders of Enix, and currently the largest shareholder in Square Enix. His net worth is estimated at $660 million.

At 25 is Hajime Satomi, the founder of Sega Sammy, a pachinko machine and gaming software firm. Pachinko is obviously a massive industry in Japan. He's also expanding into social games. Net worth? $1.15 billion.

Then, of course, is Hiroshi Yamauchi at 11. Yamauchi is, of course, the largest shareholder in Nintendo, the man who ran the company for 55 years before handing over to Iwata. Surprisingly, he is not at the top of the list. His net worth is now $2.7 billion.

Incredibly the richest man in the Japanese games industry is also the youngest man in the Forbes top 40. That man is Yoshikazu Tanaka, the founder of social gaming company Gree, a mobile company that has become Japan's biggest online social network. He is 37 years old and his net worth is $3.5 billion.

It's a sign of the times people. A sign of the times.


    Depressing times :(

    You say a sign of the times but don't elaborate. Good on you Mr.Journalist

    Hiroshi Yamauchi looks like an old school oyabun.

    Didn't w have a story here on kotaku about how the founder of gree lost a tonne of money when the government ruled that his pseudo gambling games with virtual cards and rare cards was in breach of gambling law? A sign odd the times indeed when your wealth is so fragile.

    Oh hello mr zuckerberg. Andyour little friend senor zynga! Didn't see you come in!

    HiroshiYamauchi ran a company for 55 years and is only 11? I must have what he uses!

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