The Ruins Of Dubai With Wild Animals Could Be A Video Game

Tokyo Jungle? Ha, more like Dubai Jungle. Artist Richard Allenby-Pratt's project "Abandoned" shows Dubai in ruins and overrun with a variety of exotic animals that aren't exactly indigenous to the region.

The photos are striking, and if Sony needs inspiration for a Tokyo Jungle follow-up, this might be a good place to look.

If you missed them, check out Kotaku's impressions of Tokyo Jungle.

Allenby-Pratt [Official Site]


    When tech eventually makes it just as convenient to make a living city in a game as a ruined one, I'm hoping we are going to have some more interesting games :)

    Can I just ask. What the heck is a kangaroo doing in Dubai? A red roo I could understand but a southern grey? No way.

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