The Secrets, And Threats, Lurking Behind Pokémon Games

This is the first episode of Did You Know Gaming?, a new series close to my heart because it does exactly what I try to do here with Total Recall: not necessarily dwell on the known history of games, but the more interesting stuff hiding in the background. It's off to a good start, with discussions of some weird and messed-up bugs, glitches and deadly warnings to be found throughout the Pokémon series.

You'll also learn of a creepy theory involving Ditto and Mew, and even see the order in which Pokémon were designed, then inserted into the game.



    i thought in one of the movies that some scientists found mew foslilse and that they came to the conclusion that mew was the origanle species of pokemon and that the rest evolved from it

      The TV and movie series of Pokemon are unrelated to the games. Think of them as different dimensions of the same universe.

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