The Sony And Microsoft E3 Murder Report

This year, Sony and Microsoft's E3 presentations contained a combined 218 on-screen deaths, according to The Gameological Society.


    You could do exactly the same to Television and form one day compress all the footage from all the different channels to add up to 1000 people killed, if not more.

    The fact is Mature games are only a small portion of games sold, but these anti gaming people do not get any facts or try to give an objective view.

    The other problem is that these mature games are intended for MATURE people but they portray it as though they are intended for kids.
    It is the parents responsibility to ensure their kids do not watch any mature content TV, Music, Movies, Theater, Books even Video Games.
    I as a mature adult have the right to watch what ever I like, you have no right to stop me.
    You have a right NOT to watch what you don't like.

    Here are some links that should enlighten you.

      Except that they're not anti-gaming people - look at their website

    And yet 'journey' has none. Pretty pathetic that whar we get in terms of video game "art"

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