The Spice Girls & PlayStation Just About Sum Up The Late 1990s

Just in case you woke up this morning feel good about life, music or the PlayStation, here's Spice World, released in 1998. It featured the vocal talents of all five Spice Girls!

Which is about all it featured, really.


    Oh, dear god!!

    I was praying I would NEVER see this game again. As a child one of my elder sisters got this game and I hated it. In fact this was actually the first any one game I have intentionally destroyed and yes I remember the process fondly. We never did anything special to it, but let's just say my cousins and I found a new Frisbee which later became an unrecognisable pile of shards.

      Indeed, I still have my sisters copy I believe sitting in the garage.

    I had poor taste in video games as a child.

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