'The Vita Is Almost DOA'

What's happened in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "The Vita is almost DOA." — Richard Browne, industry veteran and former Sony exec, talking about how Sony has fallen on hard times but can still come back.

QUOTE | "Games suck, frankly. Compared to where they could be, all games suck." — Randy Pitchford, co-founder and CEO of Gearbox Software, talking about what drives him to keep making games.

QUOTE | "Pretty much everyone with their head on straight at Zynga acknowledges the Zynga hate." — Zynga employee commenting during a Reddit appearance by two of Zynga Mobile's designers.

QUOTE | "The trailer appears to strongly sexualise and fetishise not just its disposable female characters, but also the actual act of killing them." — Rob Fahey, veteran game journalist, addressing the controversy over the Hitman: Absolution trailer.

QUOTE | "Laying people off is the worst thing imaginable." — Danny Bilson, former executive VP of core games for THQ, talking about how his job has been difficult this year just before he was laid off himself.

STAT | $US493 million — Amount that Infinity Ward has received over the years from Activision for Call of Duty-related bonuses.

QUOTE | "The relevance of E3 diminishes and will continue to diminish." — Neil Young, ngmoco CEO, talking about how E3 just doesn't matter to the overall game industry the way it used to.

QUOTE | "Nintendo is running on a radically different strategy to everyone else." — Rob Fahey, veteran game journalist, talking about what Nintendo has to deliver for the Wii U at the big rollout coming up.

STAT | #1 — Rank of Skylanders among all handheld and console franchises for 2012 thus far, according to NPD figures, counting the revenue from games, toys, and accessories.

STAT | 67 million — Number of Xbox 360 consoles sold since 2005, according to the latest figures released by Microsoft.

QUOTE | "I think the console business is going to continue to shrink." — Trip Hawkins, founder of Electronic Arts, 3DO and Digital Chocolate, talking about the future of the game industry and the next big thing.

QUOTE | "They tried to make games based around sex rather than games based around comedy." — Paul Trowe, president of Replay Games, talking about why Vivendi's attempts to replicate the success of Leisure Suit Larry failed.

STAT | 10 million — Number of downloads of Remedy's Death Rally, available for iOS and Android, with 100 million play sessions so far.

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    Everytime kotaku repost quotes they are always so negative, do kotaku do this to piss people off and get them to comment . It did work on me in commenting now out of frustration.

      I hate these quotes. Why don't they just repost information in the linked articles like they normally do.

      Half the quotes in this article are positive or neutral. Yes, they Vita one was negative and took the headline, but it's arguably the most telling. It's no secret the Vita isn't selling well and it's fairly damning for a former Sony exec to disregard it already, if you want to stick your head in the sand or want a pat on the back for buying a Vita, there are plenty of pro-Sony sites out there.

        In 2 weeks, Gravity Rush will destroy my buyers remorse!

    Why is George columbaris yelling at his doctor in that photo?

    I reckon the VIta would have succeeded if they allowed PSP backwards compatibility and the debut game is FFX.

      It would have failed harder with PSP backwards compatibility. The cost of putting in a UMD system again would be rather expensive. And generally speaking when it comes to portable devices you want as few moving parts as possible.

      Instead they should have actually implemented the PSP trade in system properly. Allowed people to go to gamestop/EB/Etc and trade in their used games for a digital download code of the corresponding PSP game.

      The other issue is that not all of the PSP back catalogue is on the PSN network. With some games never going to get a release. Something which Sony should have made mandatory when the Go was released.

      No... By the time FFX comes out I reckon I'll be buying the new bundle that gets announced.

    Also of interest this week:


    They don't understand that streaming does not mean backwards compatible, it's streaming...

      ^ This!

      Backwards compatible means putting a disc I own from an older generation console into a new generation console and being able to play it.

    Activision - half a billion from CoD bonus crap. Jesus Christ.

    Selling mine this week.

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