The Walking Dead Episode 2 Arrives This Week

Zombie-and-depression lovers rejoice: The second, promising-looking episode of Telltale's The Walking Dead series will launch tomorrow on Xbox 360 and Friday, June 29, on PS3 and PC.


    talk about last minute might have to wait a while cause spec ops is out friday and dawngaurd came out today plus got a bunch of ps3 games from jb and game sales

    Excellent, just finished Episode 1 yesterday...


    Apparrently most of you heartless bastards decided to let the little kid Duck die! lol...

      Funny, I first saved Shawn and it said me and 47% of people saved Shawn. When I did my second playthrough only 35% of us tried to save Duck! Talk about a rapid shift. I'm guessing there were a lot of 2nd/3rd playthroughs!

      You can let duck die???????

        No, he has plot armour. However, it registers as choosing to save Shawn even if you know Jenny will save Duck and Dhawn dies regardless. The difference it makes is whether Herschel is mad at you.

    I thought this was already out. when I looked at steam this morning my achievements were updated. Of course I didn't actually run the game because I had to leave for work, but I assumed it downlaoded overnight.

    Walking Dead Ep. 1 is not available in Australia on Xbox or PS3! So I'm pretty sure Ep. 2 wont be either.

    Telltale decided not to bother even submitting it for Australia because of our stupid ratings system. Lets hope that that is all fixed in January when the new ratings system starts.

      I live in Australia and play The Walking Dead on my PS3.

      Consoles owners still have access to the games, it's just slightly less convenient, but definitely worth it in this case.

        I presume you have a US account on your PS3? I'm not sure if that works the same way on the 360. I just picked it up on steam and play with a wired xbox controller.


        @Shad! U star! ;) ) it worked for me too!!! Light blizz n' kizz! ;) \m/,

    sigh at all the comments above..... video gaming... what a joke you guys are taking my child hood hobby into the stone age.....

      I'm going to assume you either posted in the wrong article or... Nah you obviously posted in the wrong arti

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