The Weirdest Thing About Nintendo's E3 Are These Swollen Glands

Unless a giant, naked and mechanical Miyamoto crashes down the aisles during Nintendo's E3 presentation, blaring a cover of Tori Amos' cover of Raining Blood, this is likely to be the strangest thing we'll see from the company at this year's E3. And it wasn't even shown at E3.

It was shown before E3, during Nintendo's Wii U web conference, and is about...a guy, who can't kill a zombie, so goes online, chats with a creepy old man and has feelings for an action figure. Oh, and swollen glands.

It's not funny. Let's get that clear. Nor is it excruciating. And yet, you watch. Indeed, the fact it is almost nothing but a technical demonstration starring what looks like the grown-up version of the RAD ZELDA kid from the 80s is what makes it so interesting.


    Call me Grandpa.

    I thought it was kind of funny in an ironic way. It's not the most embarrassing thing E3 has come up with. Hell, at least it isn't boring as all hell.

    Oh dear lord, I was in pain the whole time. Who thought this was a good idea?

    I actually thought it was kinda funny. In a non-specific, generic way of course.

    If I imagine myself as a 10 year old seeing this....I kind of see this being cool..... As an adult with a child of my own... my ears and eyes are bleeding.

    I am so relieved that Nintendo final gets core gamers. Zombies, action figures and social networking. Nailed it.

      Now the question is: Are Nintendo going to make a zombie game?

    It's actually not that bad, purely because it's trying to be cheesy and in that respect it's succeeding.

    You loved it.

    It's being intentionally bad but demonstrates some gpod features. I didn't mind it at all.

      *good features

    What else are they supposed to show? Pimply faced teenagers? I mean, what's a good representative of a hardcore gamer? If they show normal adults then they get called out for promoting to casuals.

    For some reason my brain KNOWS this should be horrible and cringey but its not.
    the "call me grandpa" bit was actually funnny xD

    Here's the funny part: after ten years of having this awesome internet gaming, MS only has 12 million out of 60 million who access and play online. 12 million, that's all. Yet people act like it's some great success.

    Nintendo may be "late", but it doesn't matter. Because it's not about who's first, but who succeeds. And Nintendo has the advantage. Beating 12 million isn't that hard.

    That was horrible... the only notable thing is that i guess we can expect the Wii-u in both black & white. (can't remember whether black was originally announced)

    I like to think that it's done like that on purpose... The quirkiness

    I loved it. And I so want a Non Specific Action Figure.

    I hope the non specific action figure is in the next smash bros

    Loved it!!! Love Nintendo!! I am soooooooooooo excited!!!!

    Holy glob, it goes for four minutes..

    Thought it was weirdly funny. It actually got me excited about the Wii U (after being burnt on the Wii and deciding not to get it's successor).

    This really does nothing to improve the image of gaming. All it was missing was a few posters or figurines of scantily clad anime or comic book women in the background. But seriously, HE TOOK NON-DESCRIPT ACTIN FIGURE OUT OF THE BOX!!! What is he thinking?!

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