The Wii U Hardcore Controller Looks Familiar

Today, Nintendo revealed a brand new game controller for the Wii U. It's aimed right at the hardcore. And boy, talk about déjà vu.

Dubbed the Wii U Pro Controller, it looks very much like the Xbox 360 controller — not just in colour, but also, in shape. There are shoulder buttons and what look to be triggers. The upper middle of the controller has three buttons, with a Home button on both (the Xbox 360's, of course, is bigger).

If you were fumbling around in the dark, you might get them confused.

However, there are major differences. While the upper left on the Xbox 360 and the Wii U Pro Controller has a thumbstick, the upper right is different on both controllers: The Xbox 360 has face buttons, while the Wii U Pro Controller has a thumbstick. In face, the right half of the Wii U Pro Controller is an inverted version of the Xbox 360 controller.

The Wii U Pro Controller's lower middle has a power button, which is a major difference between the two controllers. The Wii U Pro Controller also has four lights under the power button, indicating how many controllers are in use.

And while both do have directional pads, the Wii U Pro Controller's Dpad is a proper directional pad. The Xbox 360's directional pad is one of that controller's weakest features (okay, it sucks), so the Wii U Pro Controller having a proper Dpad is a major difference between the two. If anything, that's a selling point.

Of course, Microsoft and Sony have yet to show their next generation controllers. And of course, home console makers need to have symmetry among their controllers so they have run multiplatform games with comfortable control schemes. Whether or not this Wii U Pro Controller is comfortable, we'll have to wait and see.


    You know what else looks familiar? Xbox Avatars and Miis. Which came first?

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

        Yeah on the n64 Yeah on the n64 controller the jtisoyck is in a dumb place you have to move a hand off a button pad to use it, And it wasn't even a really good jtisoyck it was just too loose. Which makes you want to mash it into a direction. (Doesn't help just hurts your thumb)

      You know what else looks familiar?

      Video games, everyone copied them

        ^ This...

        everyone copies from everyone kiddies...stop getting your panties into a knot CM

          "You know what else looks familiar?"
          "Video games, everyone copied them"

          BEST COMMENT I'VE READ ALL DAY...Put a Smile on my face good sir :) So very true all around.

          Everyone copies from everyone...its just the nature of the buisness.

          I mean after all, the Xbox controller was clearly inspired by both the Sega Saturn Analog Controller and the Dreamcast Controller.

        hahaha so true. Who cares, IP shouldn't even be a thing.

      Hmmm, that 360 controller looks suspiciously like a rounder NES controller with a few extra buttons and sticks.

      The Mii came first.

      Also the X,Y,B,A buttons with Red, Green,Yellow,Blue colourings. SNES rip off Microsoft?

      As far as I know Miis came first.
      From what I know, Miis came 2 years before Xbox Avatars.

    the WiiU one totally has one extra button - Completely different ^_^

    So long as this dpad is better than the game cube one (which was a great controller otherwise), then yay. Until now I have only felt disappointment and disinterest for the Wii U, now I an tentatively excited...

      My question on whether I get excited.... is will the wii-u have a game that really warrants the use of this controller?

        ninja gaiden, black ops, batman, tekken tag wii u edition, etc

    imagine if a ps3 controller put on a bit of weight and got fatter and you switched the dpad with the analog stick / thumb stick my god you have an xbox controller

    i wonder which came first hmmmm lol

    they are all pretty much the same with the 4 main areas in different positions i don't know why everyone seems so shocked

      Lets see here.... Thumbsticks at the bottom on both sides, unlike the two above. An expanded face button diamond, unlock the other two. The Sony button is vertically separated from the start/select buttons, unlike the other two.

      And, oh yeah, the shape is massively different.

      The PS2/PS3 controller looks most similar to a SNES controller, but apart from having the same variety of inputs as the Xbox Controller S, looks nothing like it.

        That's because the PS1 was derived from an addon for the SNES (SNES-CD) developed by Sony, it got canned partway through development so Sony made it into a standalone console, hence the original PS1 controller being similar in a way to the SNES just evolved from there


      4 face buttons. Check.
      3 function buttons. Check.
      4 trigger buttons. Check.
      D pad. Check
      2 thumbsticks. Check.

    I hope that we can still use the Wii Classic controllers too, it'll save me from having to buy too many new controllers.

    Although I wonder if this new controller will also have gyroscopic motion detection if it's basically a screenless alternative to the tablet.

    I like it, although part of me thinks they shouldn't be splintering the control choices -- should be one or the other, fully refined. (Otherwise you end up with awkward 360/Kinect style intergration.)

    Didn't the original Xbox controller copy the button layout of the Gamecube controller anyway?

      No the xbox duke controller was very similar to the dreamcast controller but with an extra thumbstick. The S redesign took the gamecube influences.

    In Nintendo's defence, there are only so many ways to make a controller that will allow devs to make games across platforms.

    Also the Xbox controller is the best controller of the current generation, so its no bit suprise that it would look similar.
    Id say good on Nintendo for taking inspiration (or copying) an excellent controller.

      Lets celebrate plagiarism and uninventive thinking yet again because they're a big succesful company! *trumpets the incoming flow of mediocrity*

        Uninventive thinking? Have you SEEN the main controller for the console? Get out of your box..
        This is an optional extra; if you want a controller where you can only use your bum for you can buy a third party one if you want.

        This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

          Mate, I own a 3ds, I own a wii and I love the gamecube. We have a DS for my son and the only console of Nintys I never owned was a SNES. After the truly revolutionary controller they unveilled, the tablet controller, we get this, a very mediocre effort to say the most. Spring Onion, that has to be the dumbest comment I've seen in any thread on Kotaku today, racist connotations in its final few words asides...

      Of course that second part is an opinion. I find the xbox controller to be one of the most unwieldy controllers I've ever layed hands on, outstripped only by it's even fatter ancestor. I genuinely can't understand why it's so popular. I suppose it doesn't help that all my mates agree so the only real disagreement I usually get is 'Xbox da best noob lolololol' from online sources.

      Give me a gamecube controller with an updated c-stick and I'd be set for eternity.

    I think it's great. The 360 controller is easily the best on the market, this is just going to give Nintendo another competitive edge.

      This, pretty much.
      Controllers are pretty much standardised now anyway - what I'd like to see is a controller that can "talk" to all three consoles.

    Controllers have been basically the same since the SNES. And why change it? We found a controller combination that has plenty of buttons and is comfortable, there's no reason to do something stupid like make a controller made of two separate smaller controllers like a tv remote and a detached thumbstick.

    Dunno how much I'm going to like having the stick above the buttons, feels like they swapped it just to be like "no no, look, it is different"...maybe it'll actually be better tho, impossible to know until I've used it. But if it's awkward I'm sure a third party controller will swap em around to their proper locations.

    One small-but-important-to-me-dammit difference is that the top of the thumbsticks appears to be convex like the PS3's controller rather than concave like the 360's. I find that my thumbs occasionally slip off the top of the PS3 controller sticks when I'm a bit overenthusiastic in my gaming. Concave shapes seem to help limit that when I'm on a mate's 360.

    I think its great that they are offering an option of a Hardcore Controller.

    But to be honest, the only thing that continues to have my interest in the Wii U is the standard gamepad...that's the only thing about this console which slightly has my interest.

    dpads, analogue sticks and shoulder buttons are all things that Nintendo had on their controllers first, so the only parts you can really accuse them of copying are the general shape and the triggers (If they are proper triggers).

    I wish nintendo would stop saying 'hardcore'

      It's actually called the Wii U Pro Controller; "hardcore" was just what the author of this article decided to use.

    I don't mind the button placement so much, take playing a classic game for example, having the D-Pad and the buttons symmetrically opposite each other will make playing them a hell of a lot more comfortable. We all got used to playing slightly off kilter switching between PS and X-Box controllers, I don't imagine that there will be a huge difference between playing left stick/buttons or 2 sticks etc.
    To the copying crowd, remember that the prototype Playstation design was actually a Nintendo design that was sold to Sony of the basis that "The world wasn't ready for CD tech yet". There is a reason that most gamepads look like SNES gamepads, it is because the first version of 2 of the 3 current controllers was effectively designed by the same company

    Someone may have already commented, but I think it's fair enough if Nintendo wants to base their controller design on the xbox 360 one, considering xbox 360 was largely based on Gamecube.

      Exactly. The 360 fanboys conveniently glaze over the fact that M$ were heavily inspired by Nintendo's controllers...

    Why has no one commented on the fact that the buttons are the same as the xbox 'ABXY' but in different positions.
    This is going to be impossibly fustrating for quick time events etc. My brain is hardwired to the xbox 360 controller, I can see it being infuriating switching between consoles. I already have a hard enough time with both xbox and ps3 having an 'X' button.

    Apart from that I think its a great Idea, the only other complaint I would have is that they didn't copy it enough, should have just made it exactly the same.

      It's the same layout Nintendo used on the SNES. I was actually a little confused when Microsoft decided they would move it around slightly for their controllers...

    I like it. Now if they made the ps3 controller in a slightly wider model I'd have no problems with any if them.

    The 360 controller is a great controller, why go for something completely different?

    Now if only Sony would move away from the crippling Playstation controller design and into the comfortable design that Nintendo has shamelessly stolen (Not that I care, that thing looks damn comfortable!)

    I think this is great - in fact, I want an XBox 360 controller for my gaming everything

    This is awesome! The Xbox controller is the main reason I play the vast majority of games on my Xbox rather than my PS. The Wii has had some amazing games (Xenoblade anyone?) but as much as the controllers pushed innovation they also held back a lot of games IMO. I'm personally really looking forwards to the Wii U. I'm going to go absolutely mental the first time I play Zelda in HD. <3

    Im happy about this actually. I never liked the Wii's controllers because i ended up being so comfortable with the 360 controllers.

      I disagree, I'm confortable with all 3 console controllers but my favourite is the Wii Remote and Nuncuk because It' so fun to play Zelda, Mario and Cod, it can be hard sometimes to use especially COD but it's fun.

    Companies have been knocking off each other's designs forever. You keep what works while trying to improve on what doesn't. 360's D-Pad is complete arse, one area I hope Ninty improved on with their controller.

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