The Wii U Hardcore Controller Looks Familiar

Today, Nintendo revealed a brand new game controller for the Wii U. It's aimed right at the hardcore. And boy, talk about déjà vu.

Dubbed the Wii U Pro Controller, it looks very much like the Xbox 360 controller — not just in colour, but also, in shape. There are shoulder buttons and what look to be triggers. The upper middle of the controller has three buttons, with a Home button on both (the Xbox 360's, of course, is bigger).

If you were fumbling around in the dark, you might get them confused.

However, there are major differences. While the upper left on the Xbox 360 and the Wii U Pro Controller has a thumbstick, the upper right is different on both controllers: The Xbox 360 has face buttons, while the Wii U Pro Controller has a thumbstick. In face, the right half of the Wii U Pro Controller is an inverted version of the Xbox 360 controller.

The Wii U Pro Controller's lower middle has a power button, which is a major difference between the two controllers. The Wii U Pro Controller also has four lights under the power button, indicating how many controllers are in use.

And while both do have directional pads, the Wii U Pro Controller's Dpad is a proper directional pad. The Xbox 360's directional pad is one of that controller's weakest features (okay, it sucks), so the Wii U Pro Controller having a proper Dpad is a major difference between the two. If anything, that's a selling point.

Of course, Microsoft and Sony have yet to show their next generation controllers. And of course, home console makers need to have symmetry among their controllers so they have run multiplatform games with comfortable control schemes. Whether or not this Wii U Pro Controller is comfortable, we'll have to wait and see.


    Sony did the same thing somewhat recently, its just a great controller design. I don't really see the problem, it means we're moving closer to a standard for controllers.

    Not targetting at anyone in particular, just putting some info out there:

    - A/B/X/Y/L/R has been around since SNES.
    - The 360 controller design is literally a slightly modified Gamecube controller.
    - This seems more in line with an evolution of their Classic Controller for Wii.
    - The original PS1 control is actually a "rip-off" of the SNES controller, this has been happening for an eternity.

    Looks like a solid move. Arguing about who-took-who's designs is pointless - as pointed out above.
    If Nintendo want people to have a Pro controller which essentially mimics the others' designs, I'm happy for them to do it.
    Built-in battery though, please. Seriously. Build that shit right in.

    It's not about copying other people.. it's about finding the most ergonomic/comfortable and user-friendly design.. once that design is found.. there's not a lot more you can do to it.. it's not copying, it's good design.

    please, please don't be shiny and slippery!

    Matte finish would be preferable.

    i hate how the right analogue stick is above the face buttons. It looks so uncomfortable

    the Xbox 360 was the undisputed most comfortable controller of the current generation, it's no surprise other companies would follow suit. The only one I don't see changing is sony, which will stick with it's same ugly, uncomfortable controller until the company goes bankrupt

      Still better than the boomerang.

      Come back when an Xbox controller has aligned analog sticks and 4
      separate buttons for a d-pad.

    Holy cow, anyone noticed that the Playstation Move looks an awful lot like the Wii controller, and that the original Xbox used a similar button scheme to the SNES?!

    If that comparison is to scale, then my thumb would cramp up from being bent over the buttons all the time. At least with the 360 controller, your thumb is always stretched out to either rest on the stick, or to push the buttons.

      I don't get it, pressing the face buttons on the Wii U Pro would be the same thumb angle as using the right stick on a 360 controller (which is probably used 90% of the time in most games), and using the right stick on the Wii U Pro would be the same as, well, the left hand on both the Gamecube, Wii U, and Xbox controllers. Sounds fine to me.

    People innovate, and people imitate. Every company does this, and yet for some ridiculous reason, everyone feels the need to point it out like it's some horrible sin. The WiiU Controller looks like a 360 controller, and the 360 controller looks like a Dreamcast controller. The world moves on. No one "should" care, and yet people do. Just shut the hell up, enjoy games and quit whining about things that don't mean anything nor have any control over whatsoever. If you don't like it, don't support it. It's THAT simple! :D

    My god, it's a modified modified gamecube controller!

    Does anyone know if the triggers are analogue?

      Probably, even Gamecube triggers were analogue. But they're long and thin which implies that yes, they are.

    Only makes sense. Xbox stole many things from the N64; controller design, 4 players. I think its only fair

    you know that the xbox copied nintendo's controller buttons x y a b

    But does it blend?

    Nintendo was just building the most ergonomic controller possible, it only makes sense that it resembles the 360 controller. PS SHAPES CAN"T BE PATENTED!!!!!

    By the way,.......A PINCH and a PUNCH for the 1ST day of the month.

    You know what else looks simmilar? The Xbox avatars and the Miis
    You know what else looks simmilar? The Xbox kinect, the Playstation move and the Wii's motion controlls
    You know what else looks simmilar? The Xbox's dual screen thingy with the iPad or whatever, and the Wii U's controller.
    Please let Nintendo copy the look of a competetor for once

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