There Are Wine Glasses, And Then There Are Vine Glasses

Over at Etsy shop The Basement Invaders, Jason and Alex make a variety of Nintendo-inspired goodies. There are Yoshi egg earrings aplenty, but my favourites are the piranha plant wine glasses.

Or maybe the thwomp glasses, which glare angrily at you. Then again, they may be a bad idea; I'd be tempted to slam them down onto the table. Regularly. With, I am sure, disastrous results. Similarly, it might be too tempting to jump on a goomba glass.

There are also Zelda heart-inspired tumblers for holding your health potions, and both red and green mushroom cups, when you need to sip something that makes you feel bigger or makes you feel alive.

The piranha plant glasses also come in pink. Just in case you needed that in your life.

Basement Invaders [Etsy]


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