There's A New Star Wars Game, And It Is Called 1313

A brand new Star Wars game has made its debut tonight on GTTV. It's called Star Wars: 1313.

And...we don't know much else, because as far as debuts goes, it was largely awful.

Some concept art was glimpsed, some mention made of it being in third-person and news that you'll be playing as a bounty hunter. Apparently 1313 is the name of the place the game is set in.

What they wouldn't say was, well, anything else. Lucasarts wouldn't even say which bounty hunter you'll be playing as.

In short, then, we know almost nothing more than we knew this morning, when all we got was a name.

Truly, video games marketing becomes more agonisingly comedic by the day.


    Do not want. Battlefront 3 or gtfo..

      I second this. You'd think that they would actually make Battlefront 3 because of such high demand.

        Yeah, it makes no sense. I bought Battlefront 2 off steam for $2.50 and it's still good!

    If it plays like Dark Forces... I'm ok with that.

    " far as debuts goes, it was largely awful."

    So.. pretty much like everything else that's debuted from Star Wars since 1997 then :P (excluding JK2, KotOR and Battlefront)

    $10 says it's Boba Fett's secret apprentice.

      Somebody give this guy a prize.

        And an extra $10 that you'll have some sort of morality meter

      If you pay $10 you can own the Boba Fett skin

    So much hate for star wars makes me weep can't you guys be happy until you've played it and bitch about then .

      Star Wars Kinect pretty much proves that you cannot give LucasArts the benefit of the doubt.

    Just make a 3rd person action adventure game based on the original trilogy dammit!

    1313 is Bobba Fett's clone ID number.

      thank you, only useful comment out of the lot. knew there'd be someone on top of canon.

    This saddens me....... as a kid i wanted to work with lucasarts, they had creativity and balls.

    In 2005 the simpsons even paid them out joking that they were more focussed on 'digital eyelash rendering' then a good story or looking after the brand.

    They've now released a new trailer and what are they talking about? new forms of rendering and mo-cap.

    Hate to say it but your living up to the payouts from the simpsons.

    Seriously is it too much to ask for Jedi Knight 3, Imperial Commando or Battlefront 3?

    Hell even Empire at war 2 - New republic

      I'd settle for Force Unleashed 3. Finish the story at least.

    This game is perfect. Day one purchase.

    Republic Commando is very underrated. It had brilliant mission design, rather than lots of segmented missions, there were only 3, but they were epic 2-3 hour long journeys. The squad command feature was also really cool and gave so much depth to the action. It really made you feel like you were a badass commander leading a crew of badasses (who were actually likeable and not moron AI characters!). I can't believe no other game since has had something similar. 

    It's just ridiculous that in literally 7 years and 2 months since it came out, all we've got to show for it are Force Unleashed, TOR and (shudder) Star Wars Kinect. No Battlefront 3, no RC 2 or Imperial Commando, no new X Wing/TIE Fighter. So much untapped potential.

      He's completely right. Republic Commando was possibly one of the best single player squad based shooters I've ever played, even until now. For once, their lauded 'smart' AI was actually really good, instead of aimlessly standing around in brood daylight, and refusing to take orders.

      You felt strong but were by no means overpowered, especially in certain levels it was almost impossible to pass without forward planning, particularly the defend the objective missions.

      In all, ^ this guy.

    You heard it here first.... release date 1st March 2013

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