There's A New Valkyria Chronicles Game, But Don't Get Excited Just Yet

It's a browser game. Yeah. But it's still a new Valkyria Chronicles game....just one for your browser. Make that, a virtual card-based Valkyria Chronicles game for your browser.

It's called Valkyria Chronicles Duel. You can watch the game's trailer above.

Remember when people used to complain about Sega making Valkyria games for portables instead of consoles? Man, those were the days.

Remember when Japanese game companies used to make console games and not just browser and social games? Man, those were the days.

戦場のヴァルキュリアDUEL PV [YouTube]


    one step forward

    two steps back

    Still never forgave them for making II a PSP-exclusive, I seriously had to dig around to find that thing just to play the game. I know there's that mentality that because people in Japan don't pirate as hard and PSPs so ubiquitous, it's simply more profitable to launch on handhelds but dayum.

    But... the second game turned out to be much more Japanese than the first one, complete with utterly gratuitous bikini FMVs, squeaky schoolgirls etc, so maybe that was a blessing in disguise.

    make a new one for ps3 already :\

    From PS3 to PSP to a browser-based card game.

    Remember when Sega didn't half-arse everything?

    Such a shame to see the series take this direction. I loved the first one, even bought the art book.

    One of the most attractive things about this game is the art direction, and they removed it in VC2. *facepalm*

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