There's No Question. This Is The Best Master Chief Cosplay There Is.

Don't argue with it. Just let the beauty of this amazingly hilarious Master Chief cosplay sink in to your memory, to be recalled at a really inappropriate moment when you should not be laughing. The professor/your boss will understand. The dog might, too.

Photographer David Ngo stumbled on this lovely being on Sunday of this year's FanimeCon.

FanimeCon 2012 [David Ngo via Reddit]


    The only thing that surprises me about this article is that it is a almost naked man instead of a women, good job

    guy in the background miring hard

    An interesting.... combination.
    Well, if it makes him happy, good for him. At hey, at least it means he gets exercise, which is good for your health. Lowers insulin resistance.

    doesn't even train legs

    this picture alone sums up the entire halo series

    I wonder what the reaction would be like if a man made an article about a woman with similar attire.

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