These E3 Attendees Look A Little Out Of Place

Just outside the LA Convention centre today, between the energy drinks and the first-person shooter advertisements, I found some people yelling at me to accept Jesus. Which I guess is sort of like the marketing I saw inside the Convention centre. With less dubstep.


    . . . . They assume that I cant be a gamer and Christian? As a game enthusiast who is also Catholic I find that insulting.

      The American brand of generic "Christianity" is......interesting.

        Eh, this is less 'Generic' and more 'Fundamentalist'. That said, it reminds me a lot of Sydney Anglicanism...

    Because nothing connects to someone on deep emotional level, nothing speaks more deeply to a soul than words on a banner.

    If they want to effectively reach people they should spend some time doing some good in one person's life that will really speak to them personally, instead of spending the same amount of time annoying several hundred people with a dumb sign.

      Not just words on a banner. Also, yelling. Very effective.

      Pft, take your rational heathen ideas back to hell.

    Seek the Lord Jesus... he'll give you a side quest!

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      I wish you would keep your assumptions with no grounding to yourself. You just make yourself look insecure.

        Assumptions that it's "fiction"? Or that people in fact DO give a shit and would be influenced by banners?

    Dante's Inferno 2 confirmed.

      Yeah, that was my thought too. The last time we saw this it was a marketing stunt.

    Jesus: The embodiment of extra lives.
    I don't see why those morons are complaining.

    I'm Catholic and I find this both simultaneously hilarious and embarrassing. Not truly representative of the majority of Christians I know of.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    They need booth babes!!! :) haha

    I'm glad there was an explanation of why they were there, if they were there because of E3 or some other reason, other people's reactions to them, and maybe an interview with one of these folk to finish it all off, rather than just a picture and a couple of lines of text with a joke....oh wait.

    I get that this is just something random you saw while trying to cover games at E3 and you were really busy with that, but if you don't have time to write a proper article about something maybe just don't bother, and save this stuff for twitter.

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