These Game Images Are Beyond Stunning

Quantic Dream, the studio behind Heavy Rain, is back with another photorealistic, eye-popping game. It's called Beyond, and it stars Ellen Page.

Beyond looks more action oriented than Heavy Rain. But like Heavy Rain, it sports some jaw-dropping visuals.


    This looks amazing. I can't wait to see it in action.

    This looks awesome.
    I LOVED Heavy Rain so i cant wait to see what QD do next :D

    I feel so confused. I was expecting Kara, then got this, and then there's The Last of Us, which has an Ellen page doppelganger.......
    Still, this looks amazing.

      Then they went and changed her so she no longer looks like Ellen!

    Who's Ellen Page?

      It's the chick from Juno. Which is all i'll ever know her as until this game comes out.

        She's in a movie called "super" check it out its pretty rad.

          Shutup Crime!!!

          Great movie

        Thanks for that. I was about to say how much it looks like the chic from Juno

    Man this looks amazing, Quantic Dream really know how to push the envelope graphically. I only hope this amounts to a bit more than just a giant quicktime event (not knocking Heavy Rain, but it did get pretty tiresome). I also hope that Mo-cap actors don't become the norm for videogames as they have for animation voice acting. I find it hard to accept the character as the character, I'm constantly reminded that you are playing as an actor (be it Ellen Page or the guy from Mad Men in LA Noire). That being said I will still buy the SHIT out of this game!

      I don't want mo-cap actors as themselves all the time, but I love it for games like LA Noire, Heavy Rain and, probably, this. It's like playing a movie, it feels grand.

    What's up with her skull in the last pic?

      She's got a combover!

    I love Ellen Page and I love Quantic Dream, if she's all menacing like she was in Hard Candy, I'm sold. Actually, the fact that it's Ellen Page in a Quantic Dream game has me sold already.
    Interesting that it's actually her appearing - not just her voice, or mo-cap, but her. Maybe we'll start seeing more actors and actresses lending their actual performance to games, rather than a sub-par voice-part grudgingly agreed to in service of the agent's cut of the paycheck. You can't hide behind a mic with this sort of tech.
    Looks sweet.

    Quantic Dreams keep saying they're not interested in the next console gen. And while those graphics are amazing I'm looking forward for the day when their female characters can have long hair

    Hopefully they've learned how to write a story that isn't' horrible... and include gameplay in their game

    someones on the wrong side of the uncanny valley

      I think it's the way they used translucency.. The eye areas seem a little off and the skin looks a bit 'rubbery' in parts

    Quantic Wet Dream!

    hmmm still waiting for a sequal to Omikron: The Nomad Soul

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