These Guys Took Their Missed E3 Booth Babe Connections To Craigslist

If you've attended E3, chances are you've probably had some interaction with booth babes. There's simply no avoiding them, even if they are one of the tackier aspects of gaming's biggest convention.

But not everyone feels uncomfortable around booth babes. Some guys love 'em, and some guys even fall for them. A quick perusal of Craigslist LA's "Missed Connections" section reveals a couple such lovelorn individuals, each hoping that the girl who disinterestedly showed him a video game product will wind up… perusing the missed connections site on Craigslist… hoping to find him there.

Hmm. That doesn't seem likely. But hey, it's worth a shot for love!

The first poster is up-front about who he's looking for: "booth babe. - m4w - 32"

You were chatting me up about a product. I said I was impressed... about a certain something. I wanted to ask you for more than your name but I didn't want to get you into trouble. I'm sure every nerd there wishes the same. If there is a chance for something more let me know what the product was that you were showcasing.

My friend, I wish you love in all things, but I think that if you're going to find the specific booth babe you're looking for, among the hundreds of booth babes who were at E3, you're going to have to be more specific than "You were chatting me up about a product."

I can just picture the lovelorn booth babe perusing missed connections, seeing this post and thinking, "Chatting him up about a product? He must be talking about me!!"

The second missed connection is much more specific. This gentleman is looking for a "Jane" from the Ubisoft booth. Jane was demonstrating ZombiU's augmented reality "zombification" app (and I will take the opportunity to remind you that ZombiU looks really freakin cool), when she approached our lonely craigslister.

I was standing in line to try ZombiU Tuesday afternoon when you asked me if I wanted to zombify myself. I happily obliged, and you laughed heartily as I made zombie noises and faces. I almost made it to the front of the line when I had to get going. You seemed genuinely upset that I wasn't able to play, but I told you I'd be back tomorrow.

The poster explains that he returned on Wednesday to see her again, wearing a black t-shirt with the logo of the website he writes for. He took a picture and learned that her name was Jane. From the tone of this post, he is clearly quite smitten with her, to the point that he wanders a bit into creepy town...

Now I realise you must get hit on ALL. THE. TIME in your line of work, and I realise you probably weren't any more or less friendly and accommodating toward me as any other attendee, but out of all the hundreds of beautiful women at the show, you're the only one who's truly stuck in my head, and I can't put my finger on any one reason. Maybe it's your dark, flowing hair, your ready smile, your toned, tan little body, the aforementioned sparkling eyes, your playful laugh, your personable demeanor or some combination of those things (or something that simply can't be quantified)...I don't know!

All I do know is that I enjoyed being around you, I enjoyed looking at you (and, I'll admit it, enjoyed not seeing a ring on your left hand), and would be honored if you deem me worthy of a chance to get know you better. Even if you never see this - and none of your fellow Ubisoft, uh, "brand ambassadors" see this and forward it to you - at least this will (hopefully) put my mind at ease. Thanks for reading.

Sounds like Jane made quite an impression. I, for one, hope these kids find a way to turn this missed connection into a regular ol' connection. It takes all kinds, after all.

Booth Babe - M4W [Craigslist]

Jane from the Ubisoft booth at E3 [Craigslist via Chris Kohler]

Photo via Flickr


    Those so-called video game journalist must be forever-alone.....

    Wow you see something new every day

    "your toned, tan little body".... creepy!

      "Toned ,tan little body….. freaky shit. He probably took three hours to write this shit and this was the best he could do!


    Not to harp on about the 'Forever Alone' aspect of these posts... but holy shit that was awkward.

    "You seemed genuinely upset that I wasn’t able to play"

    It's called acting buddy. She's paid by companies to wear flattering outfits, show up at conventions to talk to nerds... which she'd follow with a scrubdown, to wash out the neckbeard smell. She's making nice because it's her job. She doesn't care for you any more than the rest of the amorphous, sweaty mass of E3.

    I don't know whether it's the creepy return, sneaky photo taking, writing about 'toned, tan little body' or the fact this guy didn't have the balls to flirt with a girl. How does one get to be a 32 year old without such basic social skills boggles my mind.

      "How does one get to be a 32 year old without such basic social skills boggles my mind."

      Clearly you haven't had to deal with guys much. :p Heaps of losers do awkward, stupid stuff all the time if your profession involves looking good and being nice to men. Even if you work a retail job guys think because you're serving them then obviously you must be totally into them!

        Oh, I deal with guys, but thankfully don't have them fawning over me. But a good friend of mine is a somewhat attractive girl who used to work at EBGames and was hit on constantly by guys looking for any excuse to start chatting. Those guys are fairly harmless, but they aren't the ones who creep me out, it's the guys who show up with flowers for a stripper at the end of her shift or during a smoke break..

    These are the kind of really lonely guys who think that when the girl at the drive through says have a nice day she wants their babies.

    It has to be a troll. Come on folks. Having said that, this reminds me of that ep of Charlie Brown where he tries to find that one girl in the crowd of fans at a baseball game he saw on TV.

    That's one small step for man, one giant restraining order for womankind.

    oooh thats a little creepy, and reminds me why i'm lucky enough to have a geeky boyfriend that isn't social retarded. The booth babes really annoy me with there "sparkerly" personalities, oh well they have to pay the bills like the rest of us i guess.

    Also has anyone noticed the creepy balding guy in the top right corner of that photo staring DX

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