Think Of This As A Gold Metal For Your PS3

Just in time for the Summer Olympics, Sony is releasing a limited edition metatllic gold DualShock 3 controller.

"Available this June, going for gold has never been more apt; if it's scoring a winning hat trick or making poll position, do it in style with the metallic gold Dualshock 3 and feel like a real winner," said Sony in an official statement.

Sony announces limited edition metallic gold DualShock 3 [Eurogamer]


    "Think Of This As A Gold Metal For Your PS3"


    That certainly does look like a gold metal.

    *Medal* perhaps?

    You can tell Sony put no effort or care into this because the buttons are still grey ones grabbed from the usual crate. The grey coloring stands out like a sore thumbstick.
    I'm supposed to think these are great because they were painted gold as the last minute?

      Pretty sure all of the coloured PS3 controllers are like that.

    Way to spell cheque...




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