This A-Grade Fighter Is Too Good To Be Released Outside Japan

When people think of Japanese fighting games, they think of Street Fighter, Tekken, King of Fighters and BlazBlue. But would it surprise you to know that one of Japan's most popular fighting game series hasn't made it out of Japan since the GameCube era?

The Mobile Suit Gundam VS series of games can be found in practically every arcade across Japan — and often without a free seat in sight. The series itself plays somewhat like Sega's Virtual On series-only much faster and more refined. Choosing Gundams from across the various anime, the VS series specialises in two versus two combat. But working as a team is more important here than in most team fighters as both team members share the same life bar.

The PS3 version of Gundam Extreme VS — the latest home port in the series — is by far the most popular fighting game on Japanese consoles. In addition to the online play and arcade modes, it also comes with hundreds of missions, recreating all your favourite battles from every Gundam series.

To see some of these mission battles in all their highspeed action glory, check out the video above. And stay tuned to Kotaku East for the full import preview of Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS later this week.


    "I was only supposed to destroy the space port... BUT NOW I'LL DESTROY EVERYTHING!"

    Pffft, where are the realistic guns and military style comba...Oh wait.. it's not a crappy generic war game; which is why we'll probably not see a release outside of Japan anytime soon. God I hate mainstream games sometimes... tch.

    Favourite was vs zeon on the ps2 and psp version with sead.

    had a chance to play this when i was on holiday in japan, little trouble figuring out what to do because i dont speak japanese, but it was fun, and watching some of the others play could be pretty impressive

    The Gundam VS series is one of the very few Gundam games which captures the spirit of the series very well. Most other Gundam games have really clunky controls.

    Can't see video at work.. but I like the idea of having a fully 3D fighting game with mechs, guns, blades etc.. I'm not a huge fan of fighting games but this appeals to me at the idea level..

    Virtual On is my favourite game from the Saturn, anything that re-captures that game is good in my book. (Just wish I could use the Saturn controls) . I would love this game over here, shame it won't happen without an Import.

    Just to throw out one of my other favourites Techromancer by Capcom was cool.

    Dude I really want this game what do we have to do to bring this game to the USA

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