This Funky Slaughterhouse-Five Game Is Unstuck In Time

Why isn't Kurt Vonnegut's influence seen in more video games? I couldn't help but wonder that after playing through Vonneguts & Glory, a new (very short) browser game by Shaun Inman based on Kurt Vonnegut's classic novel Slaughterhouse-Five.

It's a weird little thing, a shooter that is unstuck in time — you move backwards, picking up from your death and "unshooting" enemies, bringing them back to life and healing yourself. It's got a pretty cool soundtrack, as well.

The game was created as part of the 7 Day FPS Challenge, which tasks players with creating a first person shooter… in… seven days. OK you probably guessed that.

The short development time explains Vonneguts & Glory's brevity, but it's fun to imagine where a developer could take this idea if given more time. Something like Braid combined with Wolfenstein 3-D, I suppose?

I bet Soulja Boy would love this game.

Vonneguts & Glory [Official Page via The Verge]


    When I saw this was a first person shooter I was kind of shocked, as it was pretty well known that Vonnegut abhored violence in pretty much every situation, though the idea of "unshooting" enemies kind of fits this philosophy.

    While I'd love to see his work make its way into more video games, the content is often extremely abstract and bizarre, making any form of conversion extremely difficult.

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