This Game Might Actually Get "Force Powers" Right

While it's still very early in development - hence the rough edges - there's still a ton of promise to be found in Stillalive Studio's Son of Nor.

Looking like an Avatar game in everything but the, um, official licence, players use the terrain and the elements as their weapons, shifting the landscape and creating elemental forces to beat the snot out of their enemies.

Despite what you see in the trailer up top, it's actually an action RPG, which allows for up to four-player co-op.

Son of Nor [Stillalive]


    Looks like qute the sanbox... literally. :P

      *quite, dammit.


          The important thing is that you tried.

          LOL! That's what I get for trying to respond while on the phone to a customer. I should have known better. :)

    The trailer states telekinesis. Why reference "Force Powers"?

      Because it gets more clicks than "This Game Might Actually Get Telekinesis Right"?

    Looks like an awful game attempting something that should have been done properly ages ago.

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