This Game Will Take Cross-Platform To A Whole New Level

This Game Will Take Cross-Platform To A Whole New Level

It was only recently that I learned how cool it can be to have a game work on multiple platforms. Playing Metal Gear HD Collection on both Vita and PS3 is remarkably cool, and points to a future where we can fit games more easily into our everyday lives.

So I’m happy to hear that Skulls of the Shogun, the Wu-Tang clan hip-hop samurai game, will feature a whole new level of cross-platform play. You’ll be able to play the game on your Xbox, your PC (via Windows 8), your Microsoft Surface tablet and your Windows phone.

Whew, that’s a lot of Skulls of the Shogun! The game features asynchronous multiplayer, which makes it ripe for this kind of cross-platform, constant play.

I asked the guys at 17-bit whether this will require players to buy multiple copies of the game for each platform, and they weren’t sure yet. Almost certainly, that kind of thing has yet to be worked out, but for me, cross-platform play really needs not to require multiple purchases. The fact that I already had Metal Gear HD on PS3 and was sent a free copy of the game for Vita is the only reason I played it on both systems — I never would have bought it twice.

Are you guys into this idea at all? If a game is going to be cross-platform like this, would you really buy multiple copies of it? What do you think it will take for cross-platform to catch on?


  • I’m still waiting for the ability to play against PS3 on my 360. (yes I know that will never happen because of reasons)

      • Like this guy said, there’s 2 versions of “surface” one running 8 RT, which is like just the metro kind of mode, without the rest of windows, the more expensive surface will be running proper windows 8.

      • Surface RT = Win 8 RT (ARM)
        Surface Pro = Win 8 (x86)

        Unless they’re planning on making a version for WinRT (which runs on both versions of Win8), and another version exclusively for the x86 version, I see no reason to list Win8 and Surface separately.

    • Shhhh… and it was like Trey/Matt said… when you are playing it through your fridge also, that will be a different platform also! 😉

      • The thing is, South Park: The Stick of Truth is supposedly coming out February/March. It’ll probably be hot enough then to make sitting in the fridge a good option.

  • I think it’s a great idea to split the game up for a different experience on each, and I don’t think we should be so entitled that we need to not pay for each version. If they are different, we should respect that the developer has effectively made 4 different games and back that up with our wallet.

    If they made the same game on different systems, that’s another case. I would be willing to concede that a pay-once model could be used without boning the developer too hard.

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