This Guy's Portal Gun Actually Works, Turns His House Into A Test Chamber

Jason Craft recently purchased a Portal Gun from Aperture Laboratories. Not a toy. A real one. You can see it in action in this video, where he tests it out with a few friends.

Sure, it might look like fun and games in the game, but in the real world? These things are dangerous.

POrtal: Terminal Velocity [Vimeo]


    if science one day makes this I'll probably cry

    Hahaha cool

    Haha wow. That was actually really impressive. The visual effects are mad!

    if he's falling through the portals continuously, and he's looking up, how is he seeing himself looking down and yelling?

      obviously he is holding the camera facing up and his head looking down.

    chariot chariot

    Gotta give props for the ending.

    I would have let him fly up, back through the portal, fly out again, then change the port. Which in this instance would have meant head meeting ceiling.

    Possibly the coolest thing I've seen all year :)

    Ah, the fun you could have if one of these devices actually existed.

    Damn us and our primitive technology.

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