This Is The Next Need For Speed, Officially

Criterion, makers of some amazing racing games, are officially making the next Need for Speed.

Here's the first screenshot, from EA. The game is called Need for Speed: Most Wanted, as expected. You know what else had that name? A very good 2005 Need for Speed that was all about police car chases.

Criterion is best known for the crash-focused Burnout games but also developed the terrific Need for Speed: Not Pursuit, which was released in 2010.


    If its got the Criterion name on it then I'm interested.

      My thoughts exactly. Can't wait to see what's what at E3.

    I get a feeling that it's meant to say "hot" pursuit.

      Good spot! That's a great typo.

    Awesome :) Most Wanted was my favorite Need For Speed and one of those early games I played when I first got my 360, keen!

    Really wished it was going to be Underground 3.

      all in good time.... lets hope that's coming next!

        Oh No No we don't want Underground next, we want it to be in 2 years. 2014 release of Underground.
        That way it will be developed by Criterion.

    Hot persuit was great fun, so I'm def looking forward to this!

    Yes please!

    Need for Speed: Not Pursuit? So what was the objective, driving around aimlessly? Bowling? The occasional acid flashback?

      xDD I just said the same thing

    Damn...i kind of wanted them to go back to Burnout...or reboot Road Rash

    Hopefully they are going back in time so NFS underground 2 and underground are hopefully next :)

    Come on EA, Make Underground 3 or at least do Underground 2 HD

    Need For Speed: Not Pursuit... So what? Like... Driving?

    please please please be a HD remake of NFSMW. God that game is so much fun.

    I sure as hell hope this wont be just another burnout look-a-like like that last NFS game they made.

    criterion? please no..not pursuit was awful

    This one's bOO b00 smack. The game companies are getting so lazy. Make the same game 7 times with 7 different names and 7 different filters. No one will notice. This is why I don't play driving games anymore

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