This Is What It Looks Like To Lose Your Level 60 Diablo III Character Forever

Aw, man. This is rough. Diablo III's hardcore mode is not for the weak-willed or the unfocused. It's not for the casual or the stoned. It's a winner-take-all, loser-take-it-on-the-chin setup where a single death kills your character forever, no matter how far you'd made it in the game.

And so it's all the more heartbreaking to watch this guy lose his level 60 (level SIXTY) character to the second act boss in hardcore mode.

See the shocked silence; imagine the slowly growing emptiness that has surely infiltrated this man's heart. Hear his friend's nervous words… trying to make him feel better, unable to come to terms with the loss that has just occurred.

In one instant, dozens of hours of hard work, snuffed out.

"It's all good," his friend says, hollowly.

The ensuing silence communicates the truth of the matter: It is not, in fact, all good.

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      That's kind of harsh. It's kind of like someone who spent hours building a model train setup only to have it burn down before his eyes.

      It's a hobby. It probably does have a great life.

        Something like 80 hours to get to there. I'm level 60 Hell mode, taken me 70 hours but I'm taking it uber slow.

        Yet somehow I know I'd feel more bad for the guy who built the model trains, than the guy who sits in front of his computer for 146 hours.


          Well that's your problem, there's nothing inherently better about one or the other.

            except one only exists as an artifcial abstraction, whose value only exists as a perception in someones brain.

              The problem with your comment lies in the fact that you are judging your perception of value as higher than his. The fact that something is real and tangible does not automatically give something more importance. To each their own I say.

                The whole universe exists as a perception in someone's brain.

              So by your logic, to hell with all laws. ANARCHY REIGNS! WOOOO!

              Except value from both only exist's in the perception of one's brain.

              The fact that one's digital and one's physical has no bearing on it.

              Neither activity actually achieves anything purposeful. But doing either one satiates a desire the person has. The guy with Diablo 3 might want to spend a 100 hours getting a end game Hardcore character.

              The other guy might want to spend 100 hours recreating the Victoria rail system in it's entirety . Neither one serves any purpose in the real world. And you can show both off to other's if you want to.

              This guy had an article written here about his character. I don't see any news about your model trains. Looks like this one has more value.

                If we didn't have model trains, where would they have got the idea for the big ones?

              And the other is an imitation construct of a real world concept whose value only exists as a perception in someone's brain.

      I don't think he needs a life, but I don't have pity for him. I mean he accepted the risks when he started hardcore.. what did he think would happen? Also I would have pitty if technology had killed him (i.e. he had d/c and then died) but this was a legit death.

    Hardcore mode is also not for Aussies, good luck healing in time with server lag.

      True that, countless times I have lag spiked into oblivion, sux, the thrill of hardcore beckons, but alas, I can't see latency improving, no local servers off the back of wow's success here, so that won't be changing anytime soon :(

      Agreed. No way am I doing a serious hardcore character with these lag spikes. Out of around 10 deaths in my normal character, I reckon only one was actually because of me.

      Good point. I'ved died once or twice already because of lag issues.
      No way would I risk hardcore mode because of that.

    At least he died to a real mob unless this poor guy.

      *unlike, need more coffee...

      I don't understand why Blizzard wouldn't revive a character that died like this. Even with video evidence which clearly shows they died because of a problem with the game and not the user.

      That alone would get me on HC mode, which I'm avoiding due to terrible lag.

        think of the lag etc as part of the gameplay, an added risk lol

          Which would be fine if it weren't for the fact that solely due to our geographical location we start out in a way worse position than anyone else on the planet

    Suck it up princess!

    That sucks.

    Belial was probably the most challenging part of the game for me. Until that fight the game had been pretty cruisy.

      Or the plaguebearers in act3 that took my 45 hc out -_-

        I've had Dashing Strike permanently equipped on my softcore Monk exactly because of those guys and the Sand Wasps in Act 2.

        Hardcore is going to be a real challenge. Glad that I'm putting that off for a while.

      Yeah so far I totally agree. Belial got me a couple of times when it was pretty cruisy before that.
      It took me some skill shuffling before I got it right.

    i found that fight hard... had to retweak my skills to get past it... screw hardcore mode... lol

    LOL yeah the reactions are pretty funny to watch, we need more of these

    Meh, Only takes 3-6 hours (depending if friends help you out) to level from 1-60, you can get back in the saddle in no time.

    To be honest, he was dumb. Monsters do a lot more damage in multiplayer, and it's just not worth it against belial where he has massive AoE attacks. Playing in a group was a really really dumb move.

    Just beat the lord of gluttony on hell in HC. I hate those exploders in keep level 2 lol.

      Blizzard changed this last week in a hotfix. The monsters health goes up but the damage no longer does.

        That patch isnt live yet. I still take more dmg in a group.

          It was a hot fix, not a patch. Blues have confirmed it's live.

      Both Monk and barb have enemy dmg reduction passives/skills/glyphs they fundamentally take less dmg when grouped even despite the monster group scaling, however if your running around they tend to dissappear after like 3-4 seconds which caused this guys downfall.

      However due to the self preservation that HC charcters conduct in its normally not wise to play group with them so yeh it is dumb to group in HC +)

    My hardcore characetr is only level 21, i really dread going the long run for exactly this reason

      How can you possibly have a lvl 21 "Hardcore" character? You need to have completed the previous difficulty tiers (which require 60) to get in, and even then the passive aura damage would kill you in an instant.

        Harcore characters start at level one, you only need to have reached level 10 in normal to create as many hardcore characters as you want.

        I think you are confusing normal/hardcore game mode with normal/nightmare/hell/inferno difficulty.

    "It's not for the casual, or the stoned" Am I the only one that doesn't understand this?

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