This Is Why I Never Could Get Into EVE Online

I've tried to get into the universe of EVE Online countless times over the years, but I've never managed to form a lasting relationship with the game. During my E3 meeting with CCP, EVE Online creative director Torfi Frans Olafsson explained why with a single sentence.

EVE Online is a game driven by the players, those people that outsiders like myself only hear about when something goes wrong, be it bamboozling other players out of large amounts of in-game money or rising up against the developers when new features don't meet their approval.

I've spent my time in EVE Online familiarising myself with the mechanics, accruing skill points and building my personal wealth. I've been playing a game; I just haven't been playing the game. The game in which you get to know the people in your universe. The game where you wander into a sector, see some people you know, and maybe you live, maybe you die, but you have a damn good time interacting with whomever you meet.

I've been playing alone, and yeah, it's sort of like trying to play Facebook by yourself. You see notifications going by, get the feeling that something much larger than you is going on, but until you take the plunge and add a few friends to your list, you're not getting the full experience.

Perhaps it's time I fix that.

The next time I log into EVE Online (and it will be soon), I'm going to make some noise and see what kind of action I can stir up. Maybe I'll live, maybe I'll die, but I've got a feeling it'll be a great deal more fun than sitting on the sidelines by myself.


    This is something that scares me for sure.

    It's a big sticking point with games that I play now. Achievements, group play, forced multiplayer. It all doesn't mesh with me; probably because I assume that my goals in a game might be different to the next persons. Publicising my success when I kill a boss (lets say Butcher on Inferno) no longer feels like something to brag about; I've already been informed about thousands of others who have done just that. I'm a number now.

    Getting recognition though; or being a part of the big machine is a lot better if you feel like you're giving something back is a great feeling, and that's how I imagine Eve might be if you play it the way you say. Maybe you won't be the singleplayer hero, but being amongst the thousands who actually achieve something; a piece of the bigger picture, sound like a lot of fun!

    I've run into a similar problem trying to get more people to read a blog I write at The only options I have of getting out there are to throw myself out to the masses, or just talk to my friends about what I do. Sometimes the only way to be a part of a bigger better world is to put yourself at the mercy of the other people in it. Make a splash, make some NOISE, some controversy and get people interacting around something you've done.

    EVE can be the most boring game you've ever played, or the gaming ride of your life. I played it solo early on and got fairly bored with the mining and the basic PvE missions. I've got back into it after 6 years and I'm in one of the biggest corps in the game and it's a completely different experience.

    I enjoyed it for a about 8 months or so.. built up some decent characters (had 2 running simultaneously) but it, even with corp pvp, got too samey...

    Find what you like doing in the game, whether it be PvP, Mining, or just running missions, then join a Corp that like to do that too, then get on Teamspeak with them.
    With the new Inferno update just released, it's a good time to have another crack.

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