This Isn't How I Imagine A Star Wars / Rogue Squadron Pilot To Look

When I think "Rebel Alliance" (or "New Republic") pilots, I think of people like Wedge. Biggs. Porkins. Maybe even poor old Dack.

But that's a close-minded view based on a decades-old film trilogy! In Star Wars' expandiverse, Jaina Solo - daughter of Han and Leia - ends up joining the fabled Rogue Squadron. Which leads us to this statue from Japanese toy company Kotobukiya.

Part of the studio's Bishoujo line, which is normally a little too on the "uncomfortably, sexually suggestive" side for pieces based on cartoon women, this one is surprisingly restrained.

It'll be out in December.


    Supprisingly modest for a japanese female toy/statue/tentacle rape candidate

      You haven't seen the accessories.. Jawa bukkake add-on set anyone?

    this actually looks really cool....would I be a horrible pervert for getting it? (anyway..first thourght was Chel from portal 2)

    Considering their past products, I'm surprised they didn't mould her tits tumbling out of that tanktop.

    But yes, I instantly IDed it as Jaina Solo (I went through a big Star Wars EU phase as a kid)

    considering how tastless most star wars merchandise is, especially since the great sell out (prequels) I would dare this could be considered tasteful and actually desirable.

    I love Jaina from SW and I will be getting this when it comes out :-)

    Just pointing it out:

    There is a resemblance... Do you think this is what they based it off?

      I think that picture is a promotional picture for the statue, there another picture on that site of the girl next to a poster and a bunch of boxes with Japanese writing on them.

        Blimey. Where are my glasses?

        Good eye, sir.

    aw, would've preferred one of the ladies from wraith squadron, but that corner of the EU is way too obscure to get any statue lovin'

      Twi if I was a modeler I'd totally go out of my way to model all of Wraith Squadron. Books 5 to 7 of the X-wing series are my favorites.

      Not hard to pick it as Jaina Solo if you know the EU though. Had it picked before I opened the link

    Was hoping for some news of a reboot.

    Oh well.

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