This Isn't Just A Gaming PC -- It Transforms

There's more than meets the eye in the latest Republic of Gamers gaming computer from ASUS. Click on the "Turbo Gear" overclocking button and watch as this high-end PC physically changes, revealing 10 crimson fans that help the PC's internal liquid cooling. Say hello to the Tytan.

Officially dubbed the Tytan CG8890, the computer is outfitted with an Intel Core i7 CPU (Sandy Bridge), a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 GPU, a 16GB DDR3 RAM and two 128GB SSD in RAID0. More nitty-gritty: the Tytan boats an eight-way aerodynamic thermal solution, and it can support up to four displays at once.

The Tytan doesn't have a release date or a price tag just yet, but it should cost somewhere between really expensive and really, really expensive.

Watch it transform in the images below.

~ROGはサウンドカードからマザー、可動型廃熱機構搭載PCなど [PC Watch via MIC]


    Ummm, doesn't all that open space around the fans equate to the system being a dust magnet... wouldn't you be better off sealing the system and going liquid cooled, I suspect it would be less messing around, have less chance of failure, and probably be cheaper... buy a tranformer and put it on top if you must have something that transforms...

      I tHink you're missing the point... It transfoms, just like the movie!

        I think you're both missing the point - hotpants.

          Wait, there's a computer in this article?

      its blows hot air out not in, liquid cooling does the cooling and air would be sucked in from the base or back with a filters.

    Ugly as hell...

    It would make more sense to just buy the same components and put it in a case that can support water cooling without having to take up so much room like that thing does.

    I wouldnt really call that transforming...

    Nice gimmick, does it come in other flavours?

    Looks like K-9 without his head!

    I want those few seconds of my life back please. What a ricer.


    I think the fans there are just to look cool so that when you have women over you can press a button and she'll be moist with excitement over your computer.
    Wait. That's not how any of this works.


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