This Looks A Lot Like A 3DS XL

Just a quick post to let you guys know that this is most likely the new 3DS XL. Early thoughts? Where the hell is the second analogue nub? That's my first question...

Apparently the 3DS XL contains a 4.88 inch stereoscopic 3D display screen, and an increased top screen as well. It'll retail at 18,900Y in Japan and hits stores on July 28.

Via Jim Reilly


    This seemed like an excellent opportunity to add that second stick onto the console itself, so I'm a bit confused here as to why they wouldn't...

    Nintendo are nutty leaving out the second stick. Also this looks even more plasticy and toy-ish than the current one, but it might just be the photos aren't flattering.

    Apparently they're saying 6-10 hours battery life which is an improvement at least. Shame the screens are still asymmetric.

    I've personally been fence-sitting for a while waiting for a redesign with the extra analog nub, but it looks like that's not happening so I guess it's time.

      It's why I'm holding out getting one >_<" FFS that means they'll be another 3DS revision with it...

        I actually don't think it's happening. 99% of games are not being designed to use it. It was basically a concession that Nintendo threw out there to get Monster Hunter out of Sony's hands.

      Bleh, and I can't even grab one when I'm over in the states due to region locking, maybe I should just call it, buy my Vita international and wait for it's library to beef up.
      Sucks that there's a few 3DS games I really do want to play.

        Vita's not regioned though. Just set yourself up with a US PSN account for US games, the system will play stuff from any region.

        I bought mine locally because I wanted 3G (just in case) and I didn't want something locked to a foreign telco or that operates at a frequency incompatible with our networks.

    Love the DSiXL so dang much that this was pretty much my holding out point for the 3DS. So this pretty much seals the deal on buying the console for me! :D

      After missing out on the DSiXL (couldn't justify paying for a slight upgrade) I'm glad I've waited. I'll be grabbing one too.

    Apparently they're not including the charger pack to keep the cost down?

    Any confirmation on that?

      It was confirmed during the conference, the new model does not come with either a charge cord or a stand that the 3DS came with. You purchase those separately.

      However if you have a DSi/DSiXL or a 3DS you don't need one because your existing charger for those consoles will work with the 3DS XL.

        That seems like a remarkably bad decision.

          It was done to IIRC cut down the price so it won't be too much of a financial hit, Nintendo is probably assuming who this console will appeal too are either people who own a DSiXL who have been holding off upgrading because they think the 3DS screen is too small, or people who already own a 3DS but also. . . think the screen is too small.

          Basically I think Nintendo is standardising the control port for their portable line. Just a question but isn't the charge cord used for the DSi the same as the DS Lite? Because if it is that means anyone who has bought a Nintendo console in the last six years would have a cable capable of charging the 3DS XL

        Uh wow.. I hope retailers do bundle deals, because personally I don't own any version of the previous DS consoles soo that's an annoyance for a saving of a few dollars even not including a USB charging carble WTF?!

      I'm going to import a US one anyway (region lock sucks) so by not putting the charger in, it's one less unusable charger for me to have to throw in a drawer somewhere.

        looks like the US version is coming with an AC was on Destructoid

    So I suppose they'll need to make a larger version of the circle pad pro too.

    I'd like a bigger grip for my ape like hands, but if there's no 2nd circle pad then I don't see the point in upgrading.

      Sure is going to make playing Kid Icarus hard without a CPPXL attachment

    where the fuck is the second circle pad? Ninty! For shame!

    I want a 3DS but I've been waiting for one to come out with a second stick. I can't believe this isn't it. Also, not really a fan of these XL versions of consoles Nintendo comes out with. They look really uncomfortable to use.

      They're OK to use/hold, it's just the pixels become more noticeable

    Been holding out buying a 3DS untill the larger version was available, but with no second circle pad... eh, I will probably still end up getting it.
    I will just mumble curses under my breathe.

    Yup just confirmed in the Nintendo direct presentation, 3DS XL with only one stick.

      Also longer battery life :S

    Just read that it comes out on the 19th of August in the US for $200. Can't wait to see what the price is here.

      Only $500 when you trade in 3 Ipads at EB

    So glad I got a Vita that has Dual Analog Sticks right out of the know Nintendo

      Before anyone calls me a troll...just so you know, I have BOTH the 3DS and Vita

      I would have considered the upgrade if this thing had a 2nd Analog Circle built in...but no 2nd analog circle means no upgrade for me

    Apart from no lack of a 2nd circle pad, I really like it. The current 3DS screen is useless

    No second nub = no sale from me.

    I love the new 3DS XL. Looks very awesome. Weird that there is not attachment has Nintendo declared officially now that they don't need it?

    I wouldn't mind updating as long as it is easy for me to transfer my purchases from my current 3DS. I always regretted not updating my original DS Phat to a Lite or DSi.

    I won't be rushing out though.

      +1. Need easy transfer. And good trade-in deal.

    I heard that about the charger too on IGN. Apparently older chargers will work.

    I was kinda bummed and wanting to upgrade when I saw this, then realised it will fit in my pocket even less and then it was all OK.

    ....well that explains the recent super discounting by some of the retailers like K-Mart Australia.... 3DS' for $169!!! Ahhh the signs were there..... WTF not right side stick!?!?!

    I don't understand how omitting a charger is keeping costs down? Surely 99% of adopters will be buying a charger also?

      Its the same charger from DS and 3DS

        Ney. Original DS had a different charger, DSi and 3DS are the same.

      I imagine those who do a trade in deal will need to buy a charger, EB will probably expect you to include the original charger when you hand in your old 3ds.

      It just seems stupid, those who don't realise there is no charger will get 4 hours of gameplay before they have to go back to the store and buy a plug. That should be wonderful on xmas morning when you'll have to wait a couple of days for the shops to open.

    It looks like some random persons render. It certainly is a weird sight.

    Okay, putting a second circle pad on it would not be a good idea. It would effectively cut use of the original 3DS. As far as I can see, the only way to have a 2nd pad on this would be to release a new, normal sized 3DS with a second pad. You cannot have a 2nd pad on one and not the other.

    Looks comfy at least! That was my original gripe about the 3DS it was too small for my hands and making me feel cramped. Yes I have rather large hands >_>

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