This Man Stole $318,000 From Namco Before The Cops Caught Him

In 1985, Namco America employee Steven Drake was arrested by police and found with $US32,000 cash on him, with even more hidden in the trunk of a car parked at San Francisco airport.

Turns out he'd been buying up gold coins from South Africa and Canada using Namco's money. The scoundrel.

In total, Drake siphoned $US318,000 from Namco's coffers, depositing it in a local bank under the company name. The bank, however, got suspicious when Drake, alone, tried to withdraw all of the money at once. When they called Namco to verify this, Drake's scam was up, and he was arrested just as he was on his way out of the US.

Namco embezzlement [Patrick Scott Patterson]


    So that's Drake's Fortune ?

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