This Mod Lets You Drive A Car Around Skyrim

The province of Skyrim is big. Really, really big. So big that horses might not be fast enough to cover the amount of ground that you need to cover.

Fortunately, Skyrim Nexus mod-maker zdzichorowerzysta (nice handle, buddy!) has made the helpfully titled "Car Mod", which replaces horses in the game with cars.

There's a real Army of Darkness mod to watching the Dovahkiin tear across the plains and cities of Skyrim in a banged-up convertable.

This video by Hi5M0F0 catches the mod in all its bizarre glory. More mods like this, please! While those 360 folks are having fun with Dawnguard, I'll be driving around in a CAR, so WHATEVER.

Car Mod [Skyrim Nexus]


    so it's just a badly modelled car skinned as a horse? with really annoying music.. lame

    "More mods like this, please!"

    Um, no. More mods like Deadly Dragons or Better Combat, or SMIM, or Enhanced Lighting please, not stupid gimmicky crap like this that entertains you for five minutes until you get bored of it... If you were entertained in the first place.

    It's rubbish like this that causes the developers to shun modding.

      I prefer fun stuff like this than the better combat etc, I usually get bored with those mods

    Agree, kinda dumb how a lame mod like this gets coverage on Kotaku, while there is some stunning work out there that you don't hear about.

    Ahh.. the good old "if I don't like it, no-one else should" line of thinking. Should zdzichorowerzysta have consulted the community before working on his mod?

    All I kept thinking about was kung pow with this

    HAHAHA all you people do is whinge and complain about everything, calm down, this is clearly just a bit of fun.

    LOL. i thought that was super funny. sat there laughing for a few mintues.

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