This New Company Of Heroes 2 Trailer Shows How Cold War Can Be

A new teaser trailer for next year's strategy title Company of Heroes 2 has just arrived. And while it doesn't feature any gameplay or show off its fancy features, the trailer does show one thing incredibly effectively.

It gets cold in Russia, y'all.

A narrator rather effectively intones the dire history of World War II, and sets up the conditions of the less-covered Eastern front in which the game takes place. And all the snow and ice and Stalin (especially the Stalin) add up into one chilling effect indeed.


    2013 - boooooooooooooooooo!

    Damned awesome teaser though!

    i know the eastern front was pretty bad.

    but Russia is not innocent. they tried to invade Finland while WW2 was going on.

    thought they would have been smart enough not to try it in winter though.

    Think about your title more. How Cold War Can Be.

    Sounds like you are talking about the Cold War, but being stupid.

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