This New Dark Souls Boxart Will Drag You To Hell's Abyss


    So do console owners have to re-buy the game if we want the extra content; or do we get dlc for it?

      its just a goty edition, it'll be available to download to...

    Great cover. Use of the word 'with' seems unnecessary though. Even just 'Artorias Edition' would sound better.

      I can't fucking wait. So excited for new content!

      English is not their first language :P


    sexy cover

      Agreed, much better than the current one - it just wasn't dark and sinister. enough.

      Can't wait. I wonder if you have to start a new game to access the new content? Not really to keen on starting from scratch again, albeit, it would be more of a challenge(again). 200 hours in and I'm rather attached to my current character's build.

    Sweet cover. And good to see its not just another self awarded 'goty edition' (even though in this case it would be deserving!)

    Can't wait, the Dark Souls is one of my fav games of all time! Extra content of any kind for the game would have had me drooling :D

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